Superhero movies never really died, they just got really really bad there for a while. But with quality superhero movies now a huge player in box office sales and some even contending for major awards (Christopher Nolan’s Dark Kinght series), TV wants in on the action. Shows like Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D are two shows that prove with the right screenwriter and creative team, comic book based shows can go far. ugo-jessjones_480x640

Netflix is tapped to start cranking out five different Marvel shows, the first, Daredevil, and second, Jessica Jones were announced Tuesday. This is a huge announcement for fans of Alias comic book as Jessica Jones has never gotten her own movie/TV spin-off. Even better news is that Dexter writer/producer Melissa Rosenberg is to head the project. With such huge success of her last series, hopes are set high for the superhero reboot.

But don’t expect Jones to be a straight from the comic adaptation. Rumors are swirling that instead of being a bullied high schooler turned failed superhero turned reporter, Jones is being revamped to instead be a superhero suffering with PTSD who opens a detective agency where she can actually do the most good for people and sometimes fight crime.

No date set for when Jessica Jones makes her debut on Netflix, but it’s widely assumed that Daredevil will be the first show to air with a release of the rest shortly after!

~Princess Marvel