Face Off is one of my favorite shows on the Syfy channel, and now it seems that they’re going to be adding another “must-watch” to their reality show roster. The channel is going to be starting Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge in 2014. Similar to Face Off, but with creature-building.

The show will be judged by Brian Henson and others, with the most sensational, celebrational, inspirational winner getting a job working at the actual Creature Shop.

[box_light]”As Face Off does with SFX makeup application, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challengeshowcases the incredible imagination and artistry of lifelike creature construction,” said (president of original content Mark] Stern. “We are honored to partner with The Jim Henson Company and Brian Henson on this series. The Creature Shop has set the bar for a caliber of work that is unmatched in quality, design and sheer imagination.”[/box_light]

I’m going to absoultely love this show, I can already tell. Being a huge fan of Henson’s work on The Muppets, Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth. Can’t wait to see what comes from this program! We’ll keep you posted as more Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge news comes here to DFAT!