Have you ever been talking with your friends after a movie and had a rousing discussion about how Fox doesn’t treat it’s Superheroes right? Have you walked out of a concert filled with music in your soul and wish you had someone to tell? Have you ever wanted to share you secret life of toy and comic collecting but your other friends are too cool for school, probably watching sports?

Well, then you’d be the perfect Towelite! Don’t Forget a Towel is looking to enlist some new recruits to our writing team! Give us your comic readers, your video gamers, your avid television watchers, and movie reviewers. We need YOU to join DFAT and make your mark on the Geek Culture Community!

How can you join us in our journey to change the very fabric of society through pop culture news and reviews? Well, there’s a couple of ways in fact.

First, you can email us: [email protected]


FaceBook us or Twitter Us.

Whatever your means of Social Media, we have a way to connect to you, and you a way to connect to your future fans! The main mission of DFAT is to make sure that you have your UNIQUE voice heard. We don’t want unbiased opinions. If you wanna unbox the latest McFarlane toy and hate the 13pts of articulation, sound off! You just left the newest Marvel film and wanna talk about Thor’s biceps? Well, that’s cool, let us know about it. Whatever kind of geek you are, let’s hear it, and share it with the fans!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, make sure you reach out to us! Join the Towelites, spread your Geekiness to the Galaxy, and DON’T FORGET A TOWEL!