When we heard that Josh Trank would be directing the second Star Wars ‘Anthology’ film, all of us were pretty excited. Chronicle was a great film, he seemed to be a huge fan, and the little that we had seen from Fantastic Four seemed promising. Then, Trank missed his appearance at Star Wars Celebration because he was “sick.” Next thing we know, he’s being cast off the project due to creative differences.

Word is, his behavior while directing Fantastic Four did him in. Simon Kinberg, producer on the X-Men Films, as well as Rebels and the upcoming Star Wars films claimed he was someone who would not work well with the figureheads at Disney/LucasFilm. Kinberg said that Trank was a director that didn’t work well with others, would be brooding by himself in the middle of shooting scenes, and recently had to do re-shoots on the film last month. This forced all of the main actors to reschedule their other roles to accommodate the director. This left a bad taste in the mouth of the Star Wars Brain Trust; and as a result, he was booted off the film.

Following that announcement, on May the 4th, we learned that the film Trank was supposed to helm would be a Boba Fett origin film. This helped ease the pain of losing Trank. Don’t get me wrong, I like the LOOK of Boba Fett as much as the next fanboy; but what has he REALLY done in the Holy Trilogy? We know way more about things he MAYBE did or COULD have done, than the four minutes of screen time that he ACTUALLY has. We have a pretty great back-story if the EU was still around, but it’s not. It’s not canon. This leaves us room to get a kickass story about everyone’s favorite bounty hunter; but it’s also a story I don’t know if I care to see. Jango Fett got his head chopped off after a lot of build up. Boba says three things and then gets knocked into a pit by a blind guy. The Fetts don’t exactly have a rich history of being as amazing as everyone makes them out to be.

I’ll still be there in 2018 when the film actually comes out, but I would have been more excited to see a film about the Knights of the Old Republic, or a live action version of Shadows of the Empire….maybe one day. In the meantime, we still need a director for the Boba Fett film now that Trank is gone. So I have to ask you fans, who do YOU want to see helm the Boba Fett Anthology movie?

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