Oh, Happy Day!!!!!   BREAKING NEWS!!! Joss Whedon is now CONFIRMED, by Walt Disney Studios, to be the writer and director of Avengers 2. While this was most likely going to happen anyhow, it is great to know that the series will continue in the proper hands. Disney is also confirming that he will be developing the new live action Marvel TV series!!!!!!


Whedon is possibly going to write lines for Rocket Raccoon!?!? I just wet myself.


Disney just announced Joss Whedon will write and direct THE AVENGERS 2 and develop a Marvel TV show for ABC.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the heads up!!


UPDATES] This scoop comes via MTV News.  Joss Whedon isn’t only getting to have his hands back on The Avengers 2, but as part of his contract he is now in an arrangement with Marvel Studios until 2015. So, what does that mean for us Whedon-ites? Well, a few things.

– Whedon helped in the tinkering of Captain America’s dialogue. That means he could easily be putting his voice on the upcoming projects of Guardians of the Galaxy and Cap/Thor 2.

– Whedon will have his hands on the upcoming Marvel Live Action show. Any tv show (with the exception of Dollhouse here and there) that Joss Whedon touches is GOLD. I’ve been a fan of his since I was first Welcomed to the Hellmouth on Buffy. To see a live-action Marvel show with his touch on it, heck yes!

– If Whedon’s name is on a television show, that means he’s probably going to bring a few of his friends along with him. Who wouldn’t want to see Fran Kranz as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Eliza Dushku as Madame Zola? James Marsters as the vampire Morbius? Ok, maybe not that last one.

– The biggest thing is having Whedon’s voice ring through all the rest of Marvel’s Phase II. It’s what made Favreau’s role so paramount through Phase I, and continuing on with Shane Black for Iron Man 3.  With Favreau, Whedon, and mastermind Kevin Feige completely in unison, Phase II can only improve on what amazing tracks already laid down.