After watching “The Dark Knight Rises” my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to explore a little of the source material.  Little may have been an understatement. Diving right in to the 3500+ page comic book epic known as “No Man’s Land”, there is no turning back now. Since Casey has not read this and I do not want to spoil it for him, all I can say to you fellow Batman fans and those of you out there with enough endurance to take it on, DO IT. Grind through “Cataclysm”, enjoy your time during the “Aftershock” and finally get on the “Road to No Man’s Land”, which I am currently enjoying. This is all before the main arc, which spans 6 graphic novels. A year and a half of storytelling.  This disaster will push Batman and family to their limits.

Highlight storyline/arc that I’ve enjoyed the most…..”The Waxman and the Clown”

We will see how this compares to the Knightfall.