“The Villain’s Journey”

Just wrapped up reading Justice League #12, the final issue in Geoff Johns current arc, “The Villian’s Journey”.  I’m stilll not really sure where I stand on the series as we head into Zero month. Overall it has been one of my favorite reads of the New(ish) 52. I’ve dropped several titles since day one and picked up others but this book has been consistently entertaining. I just feel like things are off, I want to believe that they are the true Justice League but it keeps feeling like I’m in an alternate universe. All they do is fight among each other and now it’s time to pay the price for their instability. They jump back and forth between being the heroes that everyone loves and then back to the ones that nobody trusts! The thing about “true” DC Heroes, at least our main stable, was consistency.

Whatev’s, issue #12 rounds out the JL’s battle with former author, turned Apocalyptian monster, David Graves. Now Graves was one of the JL’s biggest supporters, his family was saved by the Superheroes during Darkseid’s invasion. He went on to write the best-selling novel, “Justice League: Gods Among Men”. Shortly after, Graves lost his family to a terminal disease, and the disease confined him to a wheelchair. With all hope lost and knowing/obsessing that the NOW FORMED Justice League wouldn’t save him, Graves finally snapped and shot his doctor, and then disappears. Fast forward 4 years, Graves returns vowing that the Justice League would pay for not saving his family. In Issue #11, Graves kidnaps Steve Trevor who has been acting as liaison between  the US Government and the JL.  We are made to think that Steve Trevor is tortured to death by the end of the issue #11, when his “ghost” shows up and tells Wonder Woman that he is dead. The Justice League ready to take down graves are now all being haunted by spirits from all their pasts! Even the will power of Green Lantern begins to fade! Steve Trevor then jumps outta the shadows and shoots at the possessed Graves. When the JL realize that these visions were just a ruse, it’s time for a beat down. With Graves defeated, the League decides that times will be getting rough for them. The people will not sway back to their favor so easily. Green Lantern offers to take the blame on his back. Telling them all that most of his matters are off Earth, so it would be easier for him to stay outta the spotlight. Steve Trevor gets dumped by Wonder Woman…again, Amanda Waller shows up and asks Graves to teach her how to defeat the JL. Finally, we have the scene that has been buzzing around the interwebs these past couple days, the Superman/Wonder Woman kiss. I guess being different makes people be lonely and then make out. Who knows. Mr. Johns please don’t play this out like Teen Titans, please.  The issue actually ends with that kiss. Green Lantern takes the blame for this and these two are making out…sensible.  The best part of this issue is actually the hints they drop us about the upcoming arcs!!

  •  Legion of Doom??
  • War with Atlantis???
  • Captain Marvel is coming! SHAZAM!! (hope you’ve been reading his origin at the end the past few issues of JL)
  • A traitor among them?! Why is Batman asking Cyborg what’s up? HE ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT’S UP.
  • Batman VS Superman
  • The formation of the Justice League of America
  • Is that Zealot from W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S.?!?










Images courtesy of DC Comics

Stay tooned 😛