The ever-so reliable Latino Review seems to have the scoop on which characters will be the featured team in DC‘s and WB‘s 2015 live-action Justice League move and here they are:


A core group of five including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Interestingly enough this seems to work for me. You have 3 characters that have already been introduced to the general populace through recent movies and two that some people will be less than familiar with. Leaving you enough time in one movie to kinda go into their back stories. Diana is easy enough and the Flash isn’t that difficult either so both can be incorporated quite quickly into the movie. The fact that both of them had a TV show at one point might not hurt as well. The absence of Martian Manhunter makes a little sense to me as he would be a little more complicate to explain the first time around, and Aquaman is a little too big to not be introduced in his own movie. Generally I am ok with this, but there is the possibilities that we will see the previous two along with Hawkman (which would need a ton of back story explaination) as cameos in the film. My bet is on Martian Manhunter making an appearance since the rumored appearance of Darkseid and his minions is on a cosmic level, it would make sense to throw him in there. Let’s just hope that WB and DC doesn’t bog us down with too much backstory and not properly develop the villains in this film. DC is already a step behind and have difficulty getting the general populace interested in their “other” characters. Let’s hope with the success of Arrow this all changes because I would love to see more of DC’s B-side get some of the spotlight. I’m still holding out hope for that Aquaman movie!

Stay tooned 😛


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