I’m fresh off of watching the EPIC animated movie The Dark Knight Returns, maybe because today is the movies release but one hell of a rumor passed through the interwebs today. Well known recluse, Frank Miller is RUMORED to be involved in the Warner Bros production of the “upcoming” Justice League movie. Apparently some weirdos claiming to be a Warner Bros research team walked into a comic shop and the following transpired:

An undercover Warner Bros. marketing/research team ventured into an undisclosed comic book shop and began asking a series of question to gauge what fans reactions are to Marvel Studios, the Justice League and Frank Miller. Here are the highlights of said covert operation— 

-They entered posing as fans, but it was obvious to staff by the time they finished their first question that they were not. 

-One of their first questions was whether fans would accept a DC superhero movie without Christopher Nolan directing and if he served as a producer, would that placate fans? 

– They also asked what fans thought of Aquaman and what roster would fans want for the Justice League? 

– They reportedly mocked the Ant-Man film only to become worried when the staff said it would probably be cool. 

– They appeared extremely interested in discussing the obscure characters that were related to the Justice League. 

-The final question was “What would fan reaction be to a Justice League movie with Frank Miller’s name attached?” 


Who knows if this is even a true event or someone’s imagination running wild, but it’s all very strange and should have salt poured all over it. Who in their right mind would walk into a comic shop and mock anything that Marvel Studios has on its future plate?! Stupid Warner Bros! Whatever on with life, I can’t wait until this winter when The Dark Knight Returns part 2 comes about!

Stay tooned 😛



via: ComicBookMovie