All I have to say about this latest rumor is good luck. Whoever the  idiot at Warner Bros is that thinks it’s a good idea to put the Justice League up against Avengers 2 in the same year should be punched in the face!! For a movie that has had NO luck making its way into TRUE production with only two familiar characters that the majority of people are “familiar” with, this WILL be a huge mistake. The LA Times is reporting that after Warner Bros big legal win against the Siegel and Shuster Estates (Superman’s original creators), WB is now able to move forward with full production if the film. DC would be better off pushing the film to 2016, during the beginning of Marvel’s Phase 3 where it would probably be better received by the general public and not get overshadowed by the juggernaut that will be the hype for Avengers 2.  You can check out all of the other rumors surrounding the movie here. I have no faith in how Warner Bros handles these properties (Dark Knight, Green Lantern) so I can almost guarantee that this movie will be a disaster and we will never see another DC Comics title get ANY screen time if this crashes and burns.

Stay tooned 😛