DC Comics and Warner Bros are missing more that a few pieces of their Justice League movie puzzle, and one of those pieces is The Flash. A character that could (a should have already) carry his own franchise easily. Flash is one of those characters that could be accessible by all crowds, and I just don’t understand why this has not happened yet. CBS had a TV show based on the character, how hard is it to make a feature film! Anywho, Screencrave scored an interview with Ryan Gosling who is starring in the upcoming Gangster Squad and he had something rather interesting to say about a certain red superhero! Check it out:

Screen Crave: Here’s a question I’m sure a lot of fans want an answer to. When are you going to do a superhero movie? 

Ryan Gosling: Well, they’re all taken. 

Screen Crave: Not true. Justice League is coming out in 2015. Superman and Batman are taken. But The Flash and maybe even Green Lantern are up for grabs. 

Ryan Gosling: Well Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern. I can get Flash basically. 

Screen Crave: So would you ever do one though? 

Ryan Gosling: Here’s the thing. Drive was my attempt at the superhero movie. I had a costume and everything. The scorpion jacket. It was like my cape. It was like the idea of a guy that had seen too many superhero movies and then decided that he was going to make himself one. 

I love false speculation 😉

Via: CBM

Stay Tooned 😛




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