The Justice League movie rumor mill is grinding again this time thanks to who is reporting the Armie Hammer (The Social Network) is apparently WB’s number one choice to done the mantle of the Bat. Hammer was originally cast in George Miller‘s failed attempt at bringing the super team to the big screen, and there’s no indication that this film won’t follow the same route. But us DC fanboys can dream.

“Hearing, from a very good source, today that Hammer, who is now a hot commodity after such flicks as “The Social Network” and “Mirror Mirror”, not to mention his upcoming lead role in “The Lone Ranger”, is ”back on WB’s radar” for the part of Batman. Not for a solo flick, but for the ensemble “Justice League” movie [again].”

At this point I don’t even care anymore, just make the damn movie already!

Justice League the movie hits theaters…NEVER.

Stay tooned 😛