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Stemming out of my favorite comic book event of 2011,Flashpoint, DC and Warner Premiere have released their latest feature Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. The movie is not as expansive as the comic series and all of the tie-ins as would be expected. I just remembered how with every issue #1 you got a cool pin based on the comic, man DC alwasys has the kitchy promotions and I love em! So the latest animated DC movie is based on the comic series by the same name by superstar writer, Geoff Johns. The tie-ins included the talents of Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, J.T. Krul, and more! The core series by Johns ran for 5 issues and we see most of the event that unfolded in this mini on the screen, with hints into the other storylines. The use of a mid-movie flashback, …wait for it, lends the viewers a very basic look into the past of the Flashpoint universe.

Flashpoint One

So this movie was actually titled  Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. But don’t be afraid, its a mere selling tool. A smart marketing decsion by WP. This movie does not lack in its “mostly accurate”  interpretation of the original story. This movie is brutal, be prepared because this is not the DCU as you think you know. I really don’t want to ruin the story for you at all because I remember how much it impacted me the first time I read it. I encourage you to go, read the series yourself. Get the important tie-ins: Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, yeah at least those. But you can also throw in Deathstroke, Lois Lane, Frankenstein, damn thats alot of books. Ok so go read, this is a movie review I should get back to that. Sorry.  Brutal. I can’t believe that they get away with some of these scenes. The adoption of a more anime style, is a nice change. I hope that DC remains at this level of mature toonage when they launch Justice League: War, the adaptation of the first issues of the New 52 JL.

Flashpoint Two

What I like about Flashpoint is its about a man who made a “good” bad choice, and the effect ripples throughout time, forwards and backwards. The world that is created is the DCU upside down! These are the kind of stories I like, when creators are allowed to break from cannon and create the worlds they see fit. Its the greatest creative writing project ever. Justice League: A Flashpoint Paradox gets 5 outta 5 stars, just for including Grifter. Check this movie out I highly suggest it to anyone who wants to see a different DCU and likes violent cartoon action. In the end its the classic gotta fix time story and those are always fun!

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