The latest feature from DC Comics and Warner Premier will be here in a FLASH! Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is set to release on July 30th and here are some great screenshots of our favorite characters. I’m so happy that Nathan Fillion is returning as Green Lantern. Look for Flashpoint on Bluray, DVD, and digital download. Also if you have not read the crossover event of 2011 get on it, its one of the most interesting alternative universe tales out there!




When time travel allows a past wrong to be righted for The Flash and his family, the ripples of the event prove disastrous as a fractured, alternate reality now exists where a Justice League never formed, and even Superman is nowhere to be found. Teaming with a grittier, more violent Dark Knight and Cyborg, Flash races to restore the continuity of his original timeline while this new world is ravaged by a fierce war between Wonder Woman’s Amazons and Aquaman’s Atlanteans. With breath taking action and an all-star voice cast, it’s a bold, emotional vision that will forever change the landscape of the DC Universe.

Stay Tooned 😛


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