We reported to you the other day that the next film on DC Comics and Warner Premiere’s slate of animated movies is Son of Batman, due out this May. But there has been talk of an Aquaman animated project coming up as well that would be based on Geoff Johns New 52 run. Well apparently they are setting us up for just that! The recent release of Justice League: War on advanced Digital download, gave us an SPOILER ALERT end credit scene that sets up an Aquaman movie perfectly. Check out the still from the film:

Aquaman 02

“The surface dwellers have killed our king. This is an act of war, and they will pay.”

That’s Ocean Master, Aquaman’s half-brother. In the original version of the intro of the New 52 Justice League Aquaman was a big part, but instead of including the King of Atlantis as one of the originals in Justice League: War they went with Shazam!, who had a side story that went along with each issue of JL, introducing that character. I don’t think it was that bad of a choice, especially seeing that they are choosing to introduce the character through his own film. So it looks like an Aquaman movie will be based on the storyline, Throne of Atlantis. 

Aquaman 01

No word on when this film will be out but keep it tooned here to DFAT on more updates on this exciting project!


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