Zack SnyderHey Towelites! It was only a matter of time before DC and Warner Bros. officially announced that Zack Snyder would be directing the Justice League film; and today is the day. There was a lot of speculation as to whether it would be Ben Affleck as the director, when he was brought on board last year to play Batman for numerous films, starting with Man of Steel 2: Bat-tootsie in Metropolis (non-working title).

The bigger piece of news is that The Justice League will be shot back-to-back with the Superman sequel. This leaves little room to fit in a stand-alone DC Superhero movie, but it could make the JL film have a release date of 2017. On the other side of the coin, Marvel plans on two superhero movies a year, and it would be nice to see a Wonder Woman film before JL; but I’m sure DC won’t do that.

This announcement comes off last week’s casting of Ray Fisher as Cyborg in the Man of Steel sequel, another prominent member of the Justice League. That brings the superhero count for the sequel to Superman, Batman, Cyborg, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I won’t be surprised to see The Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter being announced in the very near future.


As more Justice League news comes down, Stay Tuned to DFAT to see what’s happening!