We revealed the trailer for the upcoming Arkham Origins game yesterday, and it looks pretty awesome. Being that the game is a prequel to the previous “Arkham” installments, THE voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, is being replaced by Roger Craig Smith. I’m not upset, and neither is Conroy who inadvertently may have just revealed he’s still involved in an Arkham game that’s not ‘Origins.’

thumbnail.phpThe above Twitter post has since been deleted, but it looks like Conroy may have spilled the beans. You see, Origins is being developed by WB Games Montreal; but there’s no where that says the original developer, Rocksteady Studios, can’t make their own game. Why not? The first two games are insanely popular and with next-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox 720 coming out this fall, it only makes sense to see another Rocksteady Arkham game.

Now, this is all just slip of the tongue at this point, but it seems like it’s actually going to come to fruition. As more news of this secret Batman game comes to DFAT, Stay Tuned here for more news!