The originator of the SModcast, Mr. Kevin Smith, is getting his own YouTube channel. By partnering up with Defy Media, Smith will be continuing to spread his brand to the interwebs in a way that’s never been done before by the filmmaker.

Smith was all trepidatious to take to YouTube, citing the quote below.

“I like to live in the nooks and crannies of the audiences’ lives,” says Smith. “Podcasting was beautiful for that. They can pick you up at their convenience. When you ask somebody to lay eyes on something, you ask them to put aside time.”  

We’re very happy here at DFAT to see him get a new forum to spread his creativity, and so are the people over at Defy Media.

“Our partnership with Kevin truly speaks to what Defy’s creators program is all about — collaborating with a select group of top-tier creators to further their creative and brand visions while also complementing our own slate of programming,” says Creators Program general manager Jason Cosgrove. “We’re looking forward to continuing to help Kevin build out his channel and realize his vision for it and also couldn’t be more thrilled to have him and Jason Mewes starring in their new ScreenJunkies Plus show.” 

New episodes of Fat Man on Batman with Mark Bernardin are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Smith’s channel. Additional series will be added to the channel this year.