Jay and Silent Bob drawn1

I’ve been a Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes fan ever since I first saw Mallrats. My mom had accidently rented it for my sister and I, having absolutely no idea what the film was about or what kind of impact it would have on us. All she knew is that we watched it religiously, often quoting the inappropriate lines; and she finally purchased it for us, instead of us always renting it from the video store.

From then on, I followed Smith’s career. His highs (Chasing Amy) to his lows (Jersey Girl). His newest endeavor seems to be more on the low end of his career, as he goes back to the well of dick and fart jokes. Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie is a mix off all the potty humor that Smith loves, put together in a feature-length animated film. I think I was a bigger fan of his Clerks cartoon, the animation was good and it was cancelled just as it was getting great.

Check out the trailer below.

The film is due out sometime this April, Smith and Mewes will be doing a live podcast and traveling with the film.