That’s right, you heard me correctly.  Activision and Sledgehammer Games have released their trailer for the next Call of Duty project, Advanced Warfare and it seems it stars the great Kevin Spacey (in what seems to be a magnificent role taken straight out of House of Cards).

CoD-Kevin SPacey

Amongst First Person Shooters, Call of Duty has always been on the top of the game, and when it comes to their campaign-stories, they are THE top.  Their preview installment, Ghosts (which is unrelated to this story) was hands down the best FPS story I have ever played.  Action, Drama, Characters, Intesnity… it had it all, and it was a smorgasbord of boards to diversify the gameplay for the player (rappelling down buildings, underwater, space).

Seeming to take place in the near future, Advanced Warfare seems to have its own plethora of unique moments, from hover bike chases, to eco-skeloton suits, to a large number of advanced weaponry.  And from what you can see from the trailer below, the action will be breathtaking and nerve-racking.  (I had officially dubbed the previous game my “Oh Sh*t” game, due to the multiple times I found myself yelling it at what was going on).

I have come to understand that trailers in themselves are somewhat of an art form.  One must pick the right music, the right scenes, the right dialogue, and edit it all perfectly together for a short couple minute display.  And this trailer is in those aspects excellent.  And with names such as Kevin Spacey attached to the project (what a great speech for the trailer by the way), the game should come out to be just as good, if not better; full of drama, action, intensity, and the great storytelling that Call of Duty is known for.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set to come out November 4th, 2014.  Until then, we patiently wait.  Stay tuned with Don’t Forget A Towel for any new updates, information and trailers we get along the way.


CoD Advanced Warefare