Every form of art is pretty influential to every other.  A books someone read my have inspired a painting.  A film may have inspired a book.  A painting may have inspired a film.  But amongst all media, music is probably the strongest influence.  Music has inspired movies, books, painting for as long as anyone can remember.  But what makes it more influential is that the fact music can also be “used” in some of the other art forms.  Most of the time we see this in film and video games, which include some magnificent soundtracks.  But what we cannot see this combination with is books and comics.  But, just because you cannot present it, doesn’t mean you cannot find a way to show the influence. SpazDog Press is doing exactly that, with there upcoming graphic novel anthology “Nothing Can Stop me Now: Stories Inspired by Nine Inch Nails.  That’s right, you heard correctly… Nine Inch Nails and comics are now trying to come together, and YOU can help this happen with their campaign on Kickstarter.  With Caleb Monroe and Jason Copland lead the project with their story inspired by “Every day is exactly the Same”, the anthology will also include artist such as Caanan White, Ryan Cody, Joel Gomez, Dirk Manning and Salgood Sam, in 4 to 8 page stories; forming a full-color hardcover release. NIN Comic Trent Reznor (NIN frontman/creator) is a fan of comics as is, with previous projects in the past, and even plans for a Year Zero comic tie in (which never happened), so I would love to see what his own opinion of all this would be.  With $12,000 already collected towards $14,000 goal, this anthology is almost there.  Share the love for comics and music (especially NIN), and help SpazDag Press reach its goal on Kickstarter! ~mozeus