What does every Manga comic excel in?  Monsters, magic, demons, gods, kickass characters and badass chicks!  And that’s exactly what Nezumi (and artist Eudetenis) brings us, in the Kickstarter project: Semi.

The manga-influenced, action packed comic, will be on the adult oriented side of publications with blood, bad language and who knows what else.  The story revolves around a little girl and her mission to become the biggest, baddest gang leader in the city.  Here’s some of the amazing artwork:

The full, over 200-page soft-cover publication is aiming to be released early 2015, and needs your help to wrap things up as they try to reach their $4,500 goal! (and they’re over halfway there already). One of the stretch goals will be for a hardcover edition!


So check out the video below with gives you a small taste of what’s it’s all about, and then go ahead and check out their actual Kickstarter site, and see all the options to contribute, and all the bonus rewards you can get (depending on how much you would like to give).

Even if you can’t give anything, check out their site and bookmark it, cause you are indeed into manga, you might want to at least pick it up when it comes out! Here are the Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, and Deviant Art pages. Remember to support your independent artists!