Over the weekend, one of our favorite Kickstarter campaigns hit its goal and it is now fully funded. Or as author Philip Reed puts it (in his best Tarkin voice), “it is now a ‘Fully Operational’ Kickstarter!”, and I would have to totally agree. Time for some Death Star Drive-bys!

So now that we are sure ‘Universe Expanded‘ is going to be produced, it’s exciting to mention the amazing add-on, and also hit those stretch goals!

EmpireofShadowsCheck out this amazing add-on. You can get ANOTHER BOOK, ‘Empire of Shadows‘, for an additional ten bucks. Donate whatever you want but 10 is the min, BUT it gets you a comprehensive guide to the ‘Shadows of the Empire’ toy line! A line that revolutionized Star Wars toys forever. Ultimately leading to the creation of the Expanded Universe line. Yeah you know you want it. I am really looking forward to reading both of these, but it is spectacular that the SOTE book is a reality.

So listen toy fans, especially you who love THE Star Wars, help make this a reality. Reed has two other books that are great; ‘Each Sold Separately’ and ‘Action Figures Not Included’. Best thing about Reed? He provides the .PDF’s of his books for free. Now that’s love for the hobby.

Head on over to this link to check out the ‘Universe Expanded’ Kickstarter.  There’s still 15 days left! That’s plenty of time to hit some stretch goals!