This episode slows it down and concentrates more on the search of Korra through the eyes of Tenzin’s kids: Meelo, Ikki, and Jinora.  Their mission is to find Korra and bring her back to Republic City and help stop Kuvira and the Earth Empire from dominating the world.  During most of the episode, the kids search through the towns of the Earth Empire trying find clues to where Korra might be.  They finally get a break when they hit a seaport and Meelo notices a picture of Korra hanging on the wall of one the fish markets. From this clue and the information they got from fish market’s owner, they get a more accurate direction of where Korra might be.

We get to see the love/hate sibling relationship between the three and how different their personalities are from one another.  Meelo, who is the only male sibling between the three feel the need to be care free because of his idealization of Aang’s crazy adventures.  It rubs Ikki the wrong way when her brother tries to strong arm them into thinking that they need to hunt for their food and not eat their mother’s packed meals.  He even throws away the ready made meals into the river.  Ikki is furious about that and storms away trying to replace the food that her thickheaded brother threw out.  Jinora sits by and attempts to contact Korra through the spirit world, but is having no success because of all the bickering from her siblings.  Korra S4E4 01Ikki gets taken by an Earth Empire patrol, and questions her of the location of her group.  She uses empathy to influence the Earth bending patrol to more information of where Korra could possibly be.  Jinora and Meelo storm in and rescue her.  She then tells them that they need to look at the swamps to find Korra.

Korra is busy trying to strengthen her body and spirit, but Toph is less than supportive.  She even tries to get Toph to tell her stories of Aang and his adventures, but she refuses.  Bothered by Korra’s pestering, Toph tells her to go out and find food in the swamp.  While foraging for food, Korra is seeing flashbacks and events of her fights from Amon to Unalaq, and her final battle with Zaheer where he injected metallic poison into her.  Toph appears and sees that Korra is having trouble trying to understand her visions.  She explains that the swamp reveals things to people in order to help them overcome whatever is preventing them from accomplishing their destiny.  She also tells Korra that there is a reason she saw the faces of her enemies.  Each of her adversaries hold a certain key to unlocking the mystery of why they are important to achieving your ultimate goal: finding balance in the world.  Korra refuses to believe that, but Toph tells her Amon did what he had to do for equality for everybody, Unalaq used his passion for the spiritual world to try to connect the people to the spirit world, and Zaheer wanted freedom for everybody from the politics of the modern world.  Toph tells her that even though their methods were extreme, they had good intentions.  She tells Korra that she needs to find the balance and restore it.  Korra understands, and feels that she needs to find the connection she lost and places her hand on the swamp, she immediately feels Jinora’s spirit and love.  The kids finally meet up with Korra and a happy reunion occurs.  Tope tells Korra that she needs to expel the metallic poison herself in order for her to reach the Avatar state, it is tough but she finally is able to get rid of the poison.  The kids and Korra head off to Republic City, leaving Toph alone in the swamp.

Korra is back and ready to fight Kuvira.  The fight to for the city of Zaofu is next.  I don’t know how many more chapters are left, but I’m sure the story is going to lead up to an explosive finish.