The calm before the storm is the best description of this episode.  Korra returns from her healing journey with Meelo, Ikki, Jinora to Zao Fu.  They find Kuvira and her Imperial Army at ZaoFu’s gates.  Everybody is there, except Mako and Asami.  Kuvira tries to make a peaceful attempt to ask SunYin and the city of Zao Fu to join the Earth Empire.  But Sun Yin isn’t so easy to sign over the last Earth Kingdom city.  Kuvira tries to seduce Bolin by promoting him to her inner circle to make sure he is on her side.  He is overjoyed, but his girlfriend Opal, who is staying in Zao Fu, is not.  Kuvira’s rise to power is also shown in this episode.Korra Enemy at the Gates

The Good

  • We get to see Asami come face to face with her father in prison.  At first she is not too thrilled to see him, but after some soul searching, she cools down and visits him again and begins to reconcile with him.
  • Watching Su Yin and her former chief of security go at it for the control over Zao Fu is entertaining to watch.  Su Yin will not back down, and seeing her reaction to her son Baatar Jr. betrays everything she has taught her when he sided with heartbreaking.  It is a family reunion that everybody is not looking forward to.
  • After realizing that Kuvira is not who she says she is, Bolin escapes with Varrick and Zhu Li, who also had a bad experience with Kuvira, in which she threatens to kill them if they don’t finish the spirit weapon he is developing from the spirit vines.  They escape only to be hunted down by Baatar and his Earth guards.  An action packed fight begins between Bolin, Varrick, Zhu Li, and the Earth guards.
  • I love the fact that Bolin uses his lava bending powers in the fight.  He is finally becoming a strong warrior I know he can be.
  • They get captured and Bolin and Zhu Li are to be sent to re education camps while Varrick is forced to stay behind at work on the spirit weapon.  Zhu Li then suddenly change sides to profess her loyalty to Kuvira because she is tired of Varrick mistreating and disrespecting her.

Korra Enemy at the Gates 01The Bad

  • I don’t have a lot of negative comments on this episode, only to say it that a half hour is not enough.
  • Another thing I don’t like it about the show is that this is last season, and I don’t know what the future holds for the Avatar.


I like the fact that Korra doesn’t run head first into a fight.  She steps back and looks for other means of solutions.  Kuvira has proven to be a formidable adversary, and Korra needs to outsmart her and not just use brute force.  In the next episode, Su Yin goes on the offensive to end Kuvira’s rule.