The final battle for the last Earth City has begun.  Kuvira has finally made her mark as a dictator by capturing Su Beifong and her two sons when they tried to ambush Kuvira in the middle of the night to end her tyranny.  However, their plan got foiled when they were blindsided by Kuvira herself.  She shows her fangs when she mounts a military attack formation of her Earth Army at the gates of ZaoFu.  It’s an awesome sight of power wielded by her.  What I can’t understand is, why nobody from the other nations tries to stop her?  She did a spectacular job pulling the wool over the eyes of everybody.  Korra is there with Opal and Jinora, facing the entire Imperial army alone.

While Korra is facing down Kuvira and her army, Bolin and Varrick have their battles to fight with.  They are stuck on the Earth Train with Bataar Jr. forcing them to build the Spirit Vine Weapon for Kuvira.  Varrick finally shows some backbone and defies Kuvira orders to build the weapon.  Bolin is reverting back to his usual make peace not war attitude.  It’s getting a little tiresome watching him try to be the peacemaker for everybody.  He finally sees Kuvira as the maniacal dictator she is, but instead of fighting, he decides to wimp out and tries to get out of helping Varrick with his plan to revolt.  Korra The Battle of ZaoFu 01Apparently Varrick is much smarter than we thought.  He finds a way to rig the spirit weapon to overload and explode, while Bolin and he jump off the train.  Bataar Jr and his Earth soldiers watch the train explode thinking that they are destroyed, but in reality they have already escaped.

Kuvira makes a deal with Korra that if she fights her one on one, and she wins, then she will leave ZaoFu alone.  But if Kuvira wins, then Korra must leave and ZaoFu will sign the city over to her, Korra agrees.  Su BeiFong and her two sons watch in their makeshift prison as they battle each other.  Korra is getting slaughtered because her emotions are too raw and she is not in control.  She is not ready to battle someone like Kuvira.  If Toph was there, this battle would have a different outcome.  Korra finally goes into the Avatar state, and it looks like she is going to win, but her demons rise up and she gets distracted.  Kuvira takes that advantage and blindsides Korra.  She needs more time to heal.  Kuvira declares she is the winner and marches toward ZaoFu.  Opal and Jinora steps in and creates a wall of wind to grab Korra, and to have Ikki and Meelo with Pepper, the air bison take them away.  The citizens of ZaoFu finally get to see the true side of the Great Uniter.  In the final scene we see Bataar Jr report what happened to the Spirit Vine Weapon with Zhu Li standing beside Kuvira.  She asks Zhu Li if she wants to help build a very powerful weapon, Zhu Li is more than happy to oblige.  It seems pretty obvious that Zhu Li has changed sides, but is she playing a role just to get close to Kuvira, or is she a traitor to Varrick.  I’m not sure.

The fight between Korra and Kuvira is great, but everything else in this episode is a little boring.  It seems like Korra jumped into the war a little too early.  The family dynamic of Beifong is severely dysfunctional and it is heartbreaking to watch a son put his own father in jail and not feel remorse about it.  Kuvira has got Bataar Jr wrapped around her little metal bending finger and enjoys it.  She says she wants equality for everybody, I don’t think so.