This episode focuses on Korra returning back to Republic City, and Bolin and Varrick encountering escapees from one of Kuvira’s re-education camps.  It’s nice to see part of the gang come together.  Korra changes back to her original water bending colors, and meets up with Asami, Mako, and Prince Wu at a restaurant.  Asami tells Korra about her visit with her father in prison, and Korra’s reaction to that is not as welcoming as she has hoped.  Mako finds out that Korra and Asami were communicating without his knowing back when she was at the Southern Tribe healing herself, Mako didn’t take that well.  Prince Wu is his annoying charming self trying to woo Korra, but she is a little creeped out by it.  Korra REeunion 01While the others are having lunch, Prince Wu gets kidnapped by Kuvira supporters when Mako decides to take a break from guarding Wu who wants him to guard the bathroom while he is in there.  Mako realizes that Wu is taking too long and looks to see if Wu is alright.  Korra notices two waiters acting funny.  She confronts them and Wu sticks his head out from under bags of laundry in a truck.  The captors distract her and they get away.  A car chase is underway through Republic city where Korra and the others follow the captors, but loses them on the way.  She uses her spirit connection to track the captors down.

Meanwhile, there is some comic relief with Varrick and Bolin.  Varrick treats Bolin like Zhu Li by carrying him on his back like Zhu Li used to.  They are then kidnapped by a group of fire and water benders who escapes from Kuvira’s re-education camp. Seeing the Earth Empire uniforms on Bolin and Varrick, they attack them.  Bolin tries to convince them they are not with Kuvira anymore, but he has to his lava bending powers to prove that he is not a threat to them.  Listening to the escapees, Bolin is sickened at the atrocities Kuvira is doing to non earth benders living in the Earth Empire.  The escapes tell them that a wall surrounding the area here is guarded by Earth Empire soldiers.  Bolin and Varrick decide to help them escape.  Posing as Earth Empire soldiers, they take the escapees to the gate of the wall.  Trying to convince the soldiers, on Kuvira’s orders that these escapees be given to Kuvira herself, Bolin fails to convince the guards to move.  Varrick then steps in and uses his mad crazy personality to scare the guard to let them pass.  He is finally becoming an individual without the assistance of Zhu Li, and I like it.  One of the guards notices a wanted picture of them, and Bolin and the re-education escapees fight the Empire soldiers.  Bolin uses his lava bending powers impressively to fight the soldiers, but the Imperial soldiers have the advantage with those mech suits.  Korra REeunion 02Varrick finally uses his brain and come up with a device that neutralizes the soldiers.  At the ocean, the escapee thank them for their help and offers them a lift to the Northern Tribe, they accept.

Back in Republic City, Korra, Mako, and Asami rush to the train station where Prince Wu is taken.  Korra uses her spirit powers to locate which train Wu is being held.  They reach Wu only to be cornered by Kuvira’s supporters.  A fight breaks out while the train moves out of the station.  Korra and the others are forced up to the roof of the train.  Just when the supporters got them trapped, Korra uses her air bending powers to blow themselves off the train and onto the ground.  They go to Asami’s house where Mako’s family is staying. Mako tells Prince Wu he is going to be safe here, and they leave him there.

It is nice to see Bolin open his eyes to Kuvira’s true nature, and that we finally get to see a tougher and more confident Bolin, I also love his lava bending powers as well.  Varrick is not a complete idiot after all.  In fact he is a very brilliant man that never truly appreciated the people around him, and he is finally becoming humble with the help from Bolin.  In the last scene, we see Kuvira getting ready to chop down the swamp’s Spirit Tree for the spirit vines.  Does she know that Toph is in there?  Will Toph stop her?  I hope so.  It is a good episode; it has a lot of cool action sequences.  Half of the gang is together; I hope the rest meet up with Korra and the others soon.