It’s flashback Friday for the Avatar team as they reminisce back to the beginning of their journey.  Mako gets to tell his tale to Prince Wu while training him to be a better fighter.  If you watched the series from the very beginning of season one, then there is nothing new about this.  But what makes this version more enjoyable is the added pop-up commentary that has the character’s face look way too “cartoonish”.  I’m beginning to like Prince Wu more after this episode.  Even though he is still a skinny, spoiled rich kid, he has a heart for both his people and his new friends.  Mako makes his case about how his relationship with Korra is like a roller coaster, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Korra Remembrances 01From hearing Mako’s story, Prince Wu understands Mako’s appreciation, loyalty, and love for Korra, and that he needs to step up to his role of the future Earth King more seriously.

Meanwhile back in Republic City, Korra thinks about how she is she going to defeat Kuvira, her confidence is shaken by the beating she got from her at Zao Fu.  Asami approaches her and tries to give her a pep talk.  Just like Sokka, Asami has to use ingenuity and brains to battle benders alongside Korra and the others, and that makes her one of my favorite characters in this series.  Korra and Asami have grown closer together throughout the series that their combined strength and commitment can rival even the toughest adversaries.  Korra talks about her encounters with all her past enemies and how she realizes that maybe the Avatar is not needed in this world.  From Amon to Unalaq to Zaheer, and now with Kuvira, all of them keep reminding her that the Avatar is washed up, an old reminder that new ways of thinking are necessary to move forward for the future.  She says that even Toph points out that the Avatar is obsolete in this new world.  Master Tenzin steps in and insists to Korra that the Avatar will always be needed, with all that has happened she gives hope to the people of the world.  Tenzin also reminds her that every decision she made resulted in opening the world to wonderful new beginnings; connected the real world with the spirit world, reawakened the dormant Air Benders, and help startup the Air Nation.  He also tells Korra that she has taken the Avatar to a new level where the world is a better place.

Bolin and Varrick share some of their tales to the escaped benders, from Kuvira;s re education camp, on the ship that are heading north.  Unlike the heartwarming stories from Korra and Mako, Varrick uses this opportunity to pitch a wacky and funny mover (that’s “movie” for people who don’t know that term).  Korra Remembrances 02He tells his audience of escapees that it is going to be about Bolin and his journey, through the eyes of Nucktuck (Bolin’s alter ego on the movers).  It’s pretty hilarious listening to Varrick visioning Bolin fighting all of Korra’s enemies through the character of Nucktuck.  Through the use of the pop up commentary, you can see Bolin get frustrated hearing Varrick totally misinterpret his back story to make him more appealing to the audience.  Varrick even gets Unalaq, Amon, Vaatu and Zahheer on a teleconference together plotting to destroy Bolin’s heroic character.  It’s hysterical watching these powerful adversaries talking on the phone, trying to be as campy and cheesy as possible, all the while singling out Unalaq as someone they don’t want in their group.  Bolin’s life story gets retold; from his first meeting with Korra to his frightful interlude with Unalaq’s creepy water bending daughter, and to finally his love interest with Opal, Su Beifong’s Air Bending daughter.  Varrick is a breath of fresh air.  He’s crazy, intelligent, and fun to watch.  With him and Bolin arguing with each other, it’s like watching Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Bert and Ernie, its comedic gold.

It’s a nice break from the serious action and drama.  In this episode we get to see where each and every main character had to go through to get where they are now.  It’s a rough ride for all of them, and it’s not going to get any easier, but I think this group has grown stronger and wiser through all of this.  Kuvira is no match for them.  I even think Prince Wu has grown as well, but he still needs lot more training and preparation if he wants to take over the Earth Kingdom throne from Kuvira.  That would be a sight and a huge shocker, if Wu is the one who challenges Kuvira for the Earth Kingdom and wins.