The Banyan Grove Tree in the swamp is being attacked by Kuvira who is trying to harness the Spirit energy from the vines.  Because of what Kuvira is doing, the spirit vines from all over Republic city are attacking people and kidnapping them, both benders and non-benders.  Korra must find a way to free the victims before something worse happens to them.  The gang is reunited once again but it is a bittersweet reunion.

Korra begins to feel that the world leaders have lost confidence in her after her defeat at ZaoFu.  Tenzin, President Raiko, Prince Wu, and Firelord Izumi meet together to discuss how to deal with Kuvira.  Korra Beyond the Wilds 01A split is made in approaching Kuvira: Firelord Izumi will offer defensive measures for Republic City, but will not repeat the same mistake the former Firelords did, and become an aggressor, President Raiko wants swift action and go on the offensive, while Prince Wu suggests a more colorful way to deal with Kuvira, he suggests that they bribe her with a wonderful getaway to a beautiful island and imprison her there.  I’ll admit that does good enticing but a little too domesticated.  Tenzin on the other hand refuses to let the Air Nation be a part of the attack on Kuvira, he considers it is way too dangerous.  Korra storms in and is shocked that the world leaders had a meeting without her.  She is even more shocked that they called Prince Wu and not her.  Bolin and Varrick storms in and screams that Kuvira must be stopped.  Knowing that they sided with Kuvira before, President Raiko orders their arrest. But Varrick mentions the Ultimate Spirit Weapon Kuvira is creating, and that convinces the President to release them.

Bolin finds Opal, he is so happy to see her, however she is not so happy to see him.  The betrayal and hurt still stings when Bolin chose Kuvira’s agends over Opal’s trust, and make matters worse Kuvira has taken ZaoFu along with her mother and brothers and she blames him for that as well.  Speechless, Opal walks away leaving Bolin not trying to stop her.  I feel bad for him, because he tries to see the good in people even when things around him are bad.  He thought he was helping people, but Kuvira twisted his mind and priorities.  Now that he came to his senses, his relationship with Opal is tainted.  His attempt to win Opals heart back failed, but he tried one last time, and admitted he was an idiot for many things, including not believing her when she tried to warn him about Kuvira.  His humbleness and integrity convinced Opal to give him one last chance.  She even asked Bolin to go with on a secret mission with Lin Beifong to rescue her family at ZaoFu, obviously Bolin happily accepted.

Varrick and Asami’s reunion is a bit awkward when President Raiko met with them to discuss a plan to stop the Spirit Weapon from being operational.  Old wounds started to open it between Varrick and Asami.  She blames him for blowing up her warehouses and almost destroying her company and siding with Unalaq, while President Zaiko still has residual resentment for Varrick kidnapping him.  But they agree to push their personal feelings aside and look at the big picture; they must stop the Spirit Weapon.

Jinora, who is kidnapped by the spirit vines, astral-projects and finds Korra to help them get free from the vines.  Korra thinks that by trying to connect with the spirit world she can find Jinora and the others to see where the vines have taken her.  Korra Beyond the Wilds 02She is successful to locating them but can not enter the spirit world, because something is blocking her path.  Zaheer haunts her connection.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, comes to mind when watching this episode.  She must confront Zaheer to face her fear and find confidence again to rescue her friends.  She blames him for everything that has happened to her, and preventing her from stopping Kuvira.  He realizes that by freeing the people from tyranny and dictatorship, he inadvertently created one, even more ruthless.  He agrees to help Korra enter the Spirit World, save her friends, and reconnect with her Avatar.  With his help, Korra is able to rescue Jinora and the others from the Spirit vines, even better Korra is able reconnect with Rava and regain her confidence back..

It is weird to think that only a few years ago, Zaheer and Korra fight to the death and now he is helping her find her way back better than ever.  He also points out to her that she is more powerful than she realizes and that she can defeat Kuvira if she believes.  Zaheer is still a bad guy, with a heart.  Three separate missions are on their way.  Opal, Lin Beifong and Bolin are out to save Opal’s family; Varrick and Asami are out to stop the Spirit weapon; and Korra and Mako must find a way to stop Kuvira.  Now that Korra has her mojo back, I hope we can see more action with the Avatar soon.  I’m getting a little tired of seeing Korra get her butt kicked every week.