What a way to end the series, back to back episodes of one of the best animated series in a long time! Everything is on the line for both sides.  Kuvira makes her ultimate move on Republic City and Team Korra uses all of their combined power to keep Kuvira from destroying it.

After the destruction of Varrick’s warehouse where the Hummingbirds are stationed, Bolin uses his earth bending powers to help everyone escape, including Bataar Jr.  Korra tells everyone to meet up at Asami’s building where they can come up with a plan to fight back.  Kuvira’s mech army advances into Republic City with the giant mech suit leading the way.  Korra finale 02Most of Republic City citizens have evacuated, and only a small group is left at the train station waiting to leave.  However, the conductor gives them the bad news that Earth mech soldiers have destroyed the tracks.  Prince Wu and Pema ( Tenzin’s wife) tries to calm the citizens while Wu gets the idea of using Badger Moles from the zoo to guide the people underground and away from Republic City, unfortunately the only way the moles will move is if Wu sings to them, not a great way to pass the time when you are fleeing the city.  Once again, his strategy works and the remaining people are safely out of the city.  Way to go Wu!!

Meanwhile, Korra and the gang are at Asami’s office trying to come up with a way to slow down the giant mech.  Meelo comes up with a plan that involves a lot of paint, balloons and several hundred feet of electrical chords to blind the colossus and force it to trip over its feet with the chords wrapped around its ankles.  I love that plan, and it almost worked, but Kuvira is able to readjust the giant’s footing and prevent the giant from falling.  Korra, Su and Lin Beifong, and the Air Benders pushed everything they have at the giant mech, even using the buildings to crush the giant, but they are unsuccessful.  Kuvira’s Wave Motion Spirit Cannon razed nearly every building within a ten block radius; it cuts them down with no effort at all.  Korra has to regroup again to figure out another way to stop the giant.  Bataar Jr. is recovering from Kuvira’s attack earlier with his mother sitting next to him.  He begs for forgiveness from her.  She gives it, but Bataar Jr is also concerned that his siblings will not be as easily swayed.  She reassures him that in time they will.  Team Korra feels the helplessness weighing heavily on them, that there’s nothing that can stop Kuvira and her mech army and the Wave Motion Spirit Cannon.  All of a sudden they get a surprise visitor, Asami’s father, Hiroshi Sato.  He wants to help.  He says the only way to stop the giant is by destroying it from the inside.  Asami suggests that they can use the Hummigbirds with added welding plasma saws to cut their way into the giant mech.  Varrick, Zhu Li, Asami, and Hiroshi get on their way to enhance the prototype Hummingbirds that weren’t destroyed at the warehouse.  Korra, the Beifong sisters, the Air Nation benders, Bolin, and Mako fight Kuvira to give Asami and the others more time to get the Hummingbirds ready.  Meanwhile at Asami’s warehouse, Asami and her dad have a heart to heart about how proud he is of her, and her forgiveness of him for the things he did in the past.  It is a nice distraction from all the high octane action and chaos with a little peaceful interlude.  Also Varrick makes up for his botched reunion with Zhu Li by proposing to her, and telling her that she is everything to him and he wouldn’t want to anywhere but here with her, FINALLY!!!!!

Korra and the rest of Team Avatar make their last stand against Kuvira.  They give everything they got.  Bolin using his lava bending, the Beifong sister’s using both their metal and eartbending powers, and Bumi, Tenzin, Meelo, Jinora, Kai, Opal using their flying suits to give Kuvira one hell of a fight to give the Hummingbirds a chance fly and land on the giant mech and cut a hole large enough for Korra, Su, Lin, Bolin, and Mako to sneak inside the giant mech.  The Hummigbirds are successful, but it came with the ultimate price, Asami’s father, Hiroshi gets killed in the process.

Just like in Book 4 of the Last Airbender, they split up in three teams.  Bolin and Mako head up to the engine room where the spirit vines power the mech, Su and Lin go and try to cripple the weapon, while Korra go and face Kuvira one last time.  Korra finale 01Su and Lin are successful in destroying the connection between the cannon and Kuivra’s link to it.  So she decides to rip it the arm cannon and throw it away, with Su and Lin inside.  Korra’s fight with Kuvira is fantastic.  Unlike the last time, Korra is able to fight back and give Kuvira a beating like she deserves.  But it is interrupted when the giant mech blows up and splits in two, thanks to Mako using his electric bolts to overload the Spirit vines and cause it to explode. Kuvira uses this opportunity to escape out of the giant mech and into the forest where Korra chases her.  Kuvira finds the Spirit cannon and shoots at Korra causing massive destruction, but Kuvira can’t shut it down.  Kuvira falls and the weapon is about to kill her until Korra uses her Avatar state and blocks the energy away from Kuvira.  With the immense power of the weapon and Korra’s Avatar state, it causes to create a new spirit portal; they get pulled inside.  Korra tries to explain that she and Kuvira are a lot a like and she understands why she had to do to keep her people safe and secure.  Kuvira begins to understand that her actions led to a lot of death and destruction and she really didn’t any of this to happen, it just did.  They walk out of the spirit world with Kuvira surrendering to Su and Lin to answer for her crimes.

The episode ends with Varrick getting married to Zhu Li, and Prince Wu announcing that there will be no monarchy, but separate independent states with elected officials.  Mako tells Korra that she will always have his support and friendship wherever she goes.  Korra finale 03Tenzin tells her that out of all the Avatars that have come before her, she has accomplished so much more.  Asami walks in and tells Tenzin that Varrick wants to use the flying wing suit to jump off a building; this causes Tenzin to run after him.  I think she did that to get Tenzin out of the way.  Korra and Asami start talking about everything they have done, but now they both need a vacation.  They decide to go on a little trip into the spirit world just the two of them.  They walk hand in hand into the beam of light and disappear for their vacation……THE END.

I loved how they ended the series.  It is an all out fightfest for Korra and the gang.  The giant mech suit is outrageously cool, and the Wave Motion Cannon gives me goose bumps.  It is nice to tie up everything in a nice little bow.  Everybody stepped up their game.  Korra’s journey from the beginning of the series to right now has been fantastic to watch.  All the challenges and struggles she endured made this show an intense and inspirational program that I think everybody can learn from.  I’m heartbroken that this show going off the air, because I think that there is so more to tell with Korra and the gang.