I never thought that I’d see a guy from the 80’s and a Viking riding along the back of a dinosaur, but luckily Kung Fury has given me that opportunity. Writer/Director David Sandberg has started a Kickstarter campaign to craft what looks like one of the most prolific films of our time. The movie takes place in Miami during the 80’s, where a cop must go back in time to kill Hitler. Along the way, he meets a scantily clad Viking, The God of Thunder, and a lot of Nazi’s. Watch the trailer below, and prepare yourself for what could be the greatest film ever made!

I encourage EVERYONE to donate to this project. It looks hilarious and epic and just what we here at DFAT love to see. The film has 26 days left to go and already has exceeded it’s goal; but if they make $1,000,000 dollars they will turn this short into a feature-length film.

If you want to learn more and donate towards the project, visit the Kickstarter HERE! Let’s help independent cinema stay alive for fantastic films like this!