In this episode, the coronation of the new Earth King is taking place at Republic City.  Everybody is showing up for it, including Kuvira the appointed Earth Kingdom Interim leader.  She promises to step down when Prince Wu has taken his rightful place as the Earth King.  He takes the coronation like its one big royal party.  But unfortunately his position and station is not taken seriously by the Earth Kingdom’s people.  Korra s4e3 01Little by little, his presence is being overshadowed by Kuvira and her ideals.  More and more, the Earth Kingdom citizens have sided with her. During the coronation, Prince Wu is given a tiny Earth pin, and it is announced that he is now the new Earth King.  The response from the audience is somewhat dismal.  Prince Wu ignores the poor response, and then tells the audience that with the assistance of Kuvira, the Kingdom is once again strong and powerful.  He then gives her the Earth Kingdoms highest honor.  She approaches Prince Wu and gratefully accepts it.  She asks to speak to the audience and Wu gives her the microphone.  At first her speech is appreciative to Prince Wu, but then it turns into something very different.  Her attitude and subject material becomes something of a power hungry leader tying to convince the people that her way is the only way.  She denounces the power and title of kings and queens of the Earth Kingdom, and announces that the Earth Kingdom will now be an empire.  She then refuses to recognize Prince Wu as the Earth King.  Kuvira threatens the world leaders that she will crush anybody who crosses the Earth borders and oppose her.

Toph is back!  Thank you!  My loveable loudmouth, Earth-Metal Bending blind bandit has returned to give the Avatar a swift kick in the ass. Her brash loud talking attitude is still there.  Even though she looks about eighty years old, she still can fight.  She notices that Korra is preventing herself from getting better.  Her toughness and impatience confuses Korra.  She doesn’t know if Toph is willing to help her.  Unlike Katara or Tenzin, her manner is crude, and unforgiving, but Toph believes Korra needs to train like she’s never trained before.

Back at Republic City, the aftermath of Kuvira’s coupe resonates throughout the city.  Supporters show their gratitude by wearing Kuvira T-shirts and posting signs of Kuvira pro agenda.  Prince Wu becomes whiny and depressed that he won’t be Earth King.  Korra s4e3 02Mako, who is Wu’s bodyguard, tries to make Wu understand that the people don’t need a trophy Earth King, and they’ll follow anybody who can show true leadership, unfortunately Kuvira seems to be doing that.  Bolin and Mako get into a fight about Kuvira’s tactics and her announcement at the coronation.  Su Bei Fong tries to talk sense into her former chief of security.  But Kuvira is cold towards her former employer and tells Su that the city Zhao Fu is next on her agenda.

Back at the swamp, Toph tells Korra that she still has some metal poison in her from her fight with Zaheer.  She asks Toph if she can take it out of her.  She tries, but Korra is somehow fighting it.  She believes Korra is doing this to herself to prevent her from becoming the Avatar.

Lines are drawn, friends become enemies, old allies are resurfacing, and a war is on the horizon.  Will the Avatar return or will she self destruct?