Kuvira has reached Republic City a week ahead of the announced invasion, and Team Avatar is running to prepare for an all out war with the Earth Empire.  Kuvira’s Wave Motion Spirit Cannon is ready, but it is attached to a hundred foot mech robot with Kuvira at the helm using her metal bending powers to control it.  The robot is like a Pacific Rim Kaiju that has the power k411image3of the Death Star on its arm, it’s awesome.  Kuvira demonstrates its power by firing on General Iroh’s battleships and a couple of sentry stations; nothing is left in its wake.

While Kuvira is ready to attack Republic City, an interesting reunion is underway as Zhu Li reunites with Varrick at the warehouse where he is building an army of flying mech suits he calls Hummingbirds.  Zhu Li tells Varrick everything about why she joined Kuvira and how she intended to sabotage her plans and the Wave Motion Spirit Weapon.  She confessed her feeling to him and claims she would never betray him.  Her love for him fell on Varrick’s deaf ears as he quickly dismisses her confession and has the nerve to ask her to assist him with the Hummingbirds.  Frustrated with his response, Zhu Li makes her stand and insists that he treats her as his equal or she walks, and then she storms out of the warehouse.  He stands there not knowing what he did wrong with Bolin staring him in disbelief.

The Air Benders patrol the city while Prince Wu, Mako, and Lin make sure the evacuation plan for Republic City goes smoothly.  Wu is finally stepping up to his role as leader quite well.  After Mako’s disastrous attempt to explain the evacuation over the public radio broadcast, Prince Wu uses his calm, positive personality to reassure the people that by leaving the city are the best and only way to preserve our way of life.

After Kuvira’s demonstration of power, President Raiko believes that surrendering to her is the only option to save the city.  He reaches out to her and offers his surrender.  Kuvira accepts and dispatches Bataar Jr to meet with the President to finalize the terms.  Korra realizes that the only way to stop the monstrous mech is to find its weakness. To accomplish that, they need avatar_121214_1600someone who knows the mech inside and out, they need Bataar Jr.  Korra, Tenzin, and Boomi set out on a covert mission to capture Bataar Jr and take him back to the warehouse and interrogate him for information.  When they get back from their mission, Korra begins interrogating Bataar Jr., but he is not easily intimidated by the Avatar due to the fact that rumors have gone around that the Avatar has gotten weak since her last battle with Kuvira at ZaoFu.  Su tries to talk sense into him, making him realize that Kuvira is using him and that she dangerous. He just shrugs it off and declares his loyalty and love for her.  In fact he tells Su that after the Earth Empire takes Republic City, Kuvira and he will get married and live a happy life together.  Korra then realizes that she needs to change her tactics and threaten Bataar Jr that if Kuvira doesn’t stand down she vows to ever let Kuvira see him again.  He calls her bluff, but she convinces him that she very serious.

Meanwhile, back at the Air Nation Temple where President Raiko is stationed, an airship descends down to a platform where the delegations of the Earth Empire and the United Republic City are to gather for the surrender.  But there is one thing missing from the Earth Empire, no Bataar Jr.  President Raiko is confused and a little angry that Kuvira is pulling some sort Legends-of-Korra-Season-4-Episode-11-Kuvira-s-Gambitof ruse, he grabs a phone and calls Kuvirz wanting to know where Bataar Jr is.  She is also confused as to where her top officer is as well.  Just then she gets a radio communiqué from Bataar Jr saying that he has been taken by the Avatar and wants her to stand down the attack on Republic City.  He tells her that she has accomplish so much in the three years, and that Earth Empire is now strong under her leadership and that she does not need to do anymore.  He says that he loves her very much and if she continues with this fight, the Avatar will never let him and Kuvira be together, ever.  In a moment of tenderness, Kuvira says she loves him too.  Seconds later the monstrous mech aims the Wave Motion Spirit Weapon toward the direction to where Bataar Jr sends out the radio signal and fires, leaving a pile of destructive metal in its wake.

What an episode this was, Kuvira shows her fangs and her deadly ambition in this one.  Team Avatar and Republic City has to gather all their strength and determination to defeat a dictator that has the power of earth and metal bending, and the technology to harness the spirit vines power.  Only a few episode left until the final showdown, how will Korra defeat Kuvira?  After Kuvira fired the weapon toward Bataar Jr, is he still loyal to her?  Is anybody alive after that devastating blow?  We’ll have to wait until next week to see.