After watching Avatar the Last Airbender Book One through Three, I was hooked and I wanted more.  Unfortunately, they didn’t renew the series.  Then I heard that Nickelodeon was going to make another series of the Avatar, but with characters I got very excited about it.  This time the series takes place seventy years after Avatar Aang, and the new Avatar was to be a Water bender.  As I was watching the new series, I got the impression that the storyline blends both spiritual and political overtones throughout the show.  It would take a long time to explain the events leading up to Book Four, but in a nutshell Avatar Korra and her friends Bolin, Mako, Asami, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Jinora, Suyin Beifong, Bumi, and Kai has been fighting a battle between the spirit world and the physical world.  Legend of Korra s4e1 01Power, greed, and corruption is no stranger to the governmental bodies in the four nations: the Southern and northern water tribes, the Earth Kingdom, and Republic city( a place where all the four bending elements come and live presumably in peace).  War has broken out between the nations, and almost destroyed everything.  Avatar Korra nearly lost her life many times trying to bring peace in the world.  Unlike the world where Avatar Aang lived, the way of life has changed greatly over the past seventy years.  Technology and the social caste system, has been the driving force of how people live.  As the new Avatar affects the way we look at things, the results of her decisions greatly affects everything around us, both spiritually and physically.  More powerful and dangerous adversary challenges her decision, however with more challenges she faces more allies she finds.

Her last battle with Zaheer, a very powerful airbender and leader of the Red Lotus, was especially hard on her.  With her broken body and broken spirit, she gathered up all her strength and defeated Zaheer with the help of the Airbending nomad nation.  But it didn’t come without a price.  Zaheer and the Red Lotus went on a liberating spree and brought down the Earth Queen, leaving the people of the Earth Kingdom to defend for themselves.  That created chaos in the Earth Kingdom.

Three years have passed and the Earth Kingdom is in shambles.  Roving bandits dominate the land and steal anything from anyone to survive.  The Air Nation has dispatched their benders to patrol and keep the Earth States safe.  But with the Earth Kingdom so big, their numbers are stretched thin.  Legend of Korra s4e1 02Opal and Kai, airbenders on patrol try to bring down a few bandits from stealing food and supplies from the Earth state of Yai, but isn’t successful.  Many of these Earth states have been raided by bandits for quite awhile. The Earth Kingdom has been splintered after the fall of the Earth Queen.  Kuvira, who is a metal bender, is on a mission to unite all the Earth states under one flag again.  A rumor has it that her methods are ruthless and intimidating and that anyone who opposes her is in danger at the hand of the bandits.  Opal’s brother and her boyfriend, Bolin, are now working for Kuvira, in which she doesn’t like.  Bolin and Opal’s brother believes that Kuvira is doing the right thing for the Earth Kingdom and they feel good watching the people she helps get fed and protected.

Mako, Prince Wu: soon to be the ruler of the Earth Kingdom, Tenzin, and Asami are in Republic City awaiting Korra’s return from the Southern Water Tribe where she is getting the medical help she needed after her battle with Zaheer.  Unfortunately, Korra gave everybody the slip.  She told her father, who is the leader of the Southern Water Tribe that she was already in Republic city several months ago, but Tenzin never saw her arriving in the city.

The last scene of the episode we see her fighting in a ring that looks like an earth bending match.  Her appearance has changed and she looks beaten.  It looks like Korra is trying to regain her confidence and strength through brute force and sheer will. The Earth Kingdom is falling apart, a ruthless and cunning metal bender has taken advantage of this and the one person who can stop this is missing. This season is going to be one of the darkest ones yet.