Announced earlier this week, the WB Games and Tt Games collaboration and one of my most anticipated video game sequels this year, LEGO  Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will be giving out some preorder bonuses!  Now I’ll admit, as you know, I am obsessed with collecting LEGO Minifigures based on all of the comic book characters out there, DC and Marvel. So I will of course be taking the option of getting my hands on a figure that probably won’t see the light of day in a playset. Remember that amazing Lex Luthor in his Power Suit from the release of the second game, that’s what I’m talking about. 

In my opinion, if you aren’t giving out an exclusive Minifigure, you might as well get out of the game. But let’s take a look at what some of the other stores are offering!


Toys R Us

keychain 02


Keychain 01


Batwing Minibuild


Tumbler minibuild


Plastic Man Minifigure

Oh and Best Buy apparently is giving away a digital comic, BORING!! 

Please take your time and decide carefully before preordering. Yeah right! That Plastic Man Minifig will be mine!!

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham hits stores this fall!