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Back in 2006 LEGO decided to do something glorious, they started making sets based on Batman. These sets were all Batman-centric and were awesome indeed! With the success of the sets and the original LEGO Batman game (take a look at how much some of these original sets are going for on EBAY!!!) LEGO decided to expand the “block”-buster property by releasing a new game: LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes. I played this game, a lot! In fact it was one of my favorite games of 2012, not only that but with the game came new LEGO sets! I now had the chance to collect the series I missed out on the first time around! With several re-hashes and some new sets, the series is going strong into 2013! Today I will take a look at one of the new sets: Batman Vs Mr Freeze: Aquaman on Ice.

What a great set! Aquaman on Ice consists of 198 pieces which make up 3 minifigs, 1 environment accessory, and 1 vehicle. My only issue with LEGO these days is the pricing, and I’ll tell you why. Take this set for example, at a $20 price point you are getting a decent set, one vehicle and 3 minifigs, which I will compare to the Arkham Asylum set which retails at $170 and features 8 Minfigs, 1 vehicle and a decent sized building. I don’t mind what you get out of the sets but sometimes they feel skimp a little bit on the larger ones (I.E. The Batcave). I saw Arkham constructed at my local LEGO Store and while it’s pretty impressive, at that price level I think it should be a little more expansive or have a few more additional vehicles, minifigs, or whatnot. I’m not complaining, just suggesting, but when you drop near $500 per set release, you are looking at a large hole in your wallet and I think LEGO has gotten wise on what they can get away with, nonetheless between the DC Comics and Marvel Comics sets, the LEGO Superheroes series is one of the coolest toy series to date!

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Aquaman on Ice is an easy, yet entertaining set to build. The “ice trap” is a neat addition, and Mr Freeze’s first mistake is to think that he could possibly trap the King of Atlantis with-in it!!! 

LEGO Batman Aquaman on Ice 08 LEGO Batman Aquaman on Ice 09

The Bat-Boat is a worthy addition to the already impressive vehicle arsenal that LEGO has provided the fans with. Sturdy and sleek, it fits in perfectly with the previous Bat-Wing and Batmobile:

Besides the awesome vehicles, the minifigs are really what collecting LEGOs is all about! This time around we get additions to both the Justice League and Batman’s Rogue gallery! We also see a new color-scheme for Batman, in the form of his artic-suit. The Mr Freeze minifig is a great update! Compared to the cheesy looking one from old sets, this one is based on the Arkham City videogame and it is a welcome change!! Aquaman is one of my favorite DC characters so I don’t really have to tell you how happy I was when he ended up in this set. I’m still wondering where my Flash figure is, maybe we’ll get lucky and see a Central City set which could include the Scarlet Speedster and some of his Rogues, hint hint LEGO!

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In the end good triumphs over evil and I am very satisfied with this set. There are only two sets out that I wanted of the latest release for LEGO Batman and this was one of them, I still have to save up enough loot to get my hands on Arkham Asylum (Hopefully it doesn’t go off the shelves before that!). I am not a big The Dark Knight Rises fan so I don’t think I’ll be picking up the Tumbler Chase set. Aquaman on Ice gets a 2.5 outta 3 stars. My only gripe with this set is that LEGO did not number the plastic bags for easy assembly, this can make it difficult for younger children to keep organized. The set  makes a great addition to my LEGO Superheroes display! Great for kids and adults a like, at this price point you can’t go wrong! You can find this set at most retail stores or online at What’s next? Man of Steel! Kneel before Zod! Coming this spring!!

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Stay tooned 😛


Photos Courtesy of: Figures in Action Photography

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