One thing that the DC Comics side of the LEGO-verse has been missing is over-sized minifigures! When I heard the announcement that we would finally be getting a Darkseid figure, along with a Gorilla Grodd, I knew that we would be in-store for some doozies, and here they are!

LEGO has recently released the latest wave of sets in their Super Heroes line, and it’s DC’s time to shine once again. I love that LEGO releases all of their sets (Marvel and DC) on at different times, giving us collectors a chance to recover our wallets. I was lucky enough to find the Darkseid Invasion set at a local Toys R Us earlier than expected release. All of these sets are now available everywhere so get shopping! So was this set worth the investment? Let’s find out!LEGO Darkseid Invasion 01

Being the largest of the recently released sets, Darkseid Invasion is centered around a vehicle build. I prefer these types of LEGO sets opposed to the environment ones or building ones. I feel that you get more of a bang for your buck. Plus LEGO has been doing a stellar job with the vehicles in their sets as of late. The Marvel ones from last year are a perfect example of that with both The Milano and the X-Men Blackbird. Sometimes it feels like the sets are more based around the minifigures that you are getting, this set in particular delivers an all around great purchase.

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The minifigures in this set are amazing! The previously mentioned Darkseid is an oversized figure and is an awesome piece, not to mention the main reason why this set was my first purchase. The figures are based on their New 52 counterparts, so I am kind of confused on why Superman is not. He obviously has red “outtie-undies” that they scraped for the new design. This figure is a rehash, so nothing special here. You also get Green Arrow (previously only available as a SDCC exclusive), but both Cyborg and Hawkman are brand new to add to your LEGO Justice League ranks. All of these are done exceptionally well and I love the detailed paint apps on them. The only thing that I would have done is include a hood for Green Arrow. LEGO has also created a new mechanism called “Super Jumper”. A clear LEGO piece that allows you to basically “tiddly-wink” your minifigures into action.

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Putting together the set is enjoyable as usual, as the steps that LEGO has taken to make the ease of the process better year by year. For example, they started numbering the stickers which surprisingly helps when you have mirror image ones. This is great for children who may not pay attention to details like that until it’s too late.

Like I said, the main build of this set is the Justice League jet. This is a brand new design that I haven’t seen previously in any other sets and it comes in at a good size as well. Putting together the set probably took me about 2 hours, including taking pics. The jet is a good sized vehicle, it measures just over 14 inches long and 8″ wide. It can seat all of the minifigures included or any combination of your choosing.

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I love that LEGO has moved to adding some cool mechanical features to these sets including actual firing missiles, and new to this set a “bomb-dropping” chamber that opens up from the front of the jet. There have been some very cool play features on all of these sets! The lack of wheels on the jets are appreciated, they have’t really used them since the Quinjet from the Avengers set. These wheels make display very difficult, so kudos to LEGO for removing them.

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Out of the new releases, this is the set to get. I think the next one I want to get is the Green Lantern one, but mostly because of the price point and the figures included. It’s great to see DC finally getting some oversized figure releases as well. LEGO continues to release amazing sets in Super Heroes line and hopefully there’s more to come!

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