LEGO has one of the best franchises in comic books today under its belt. Ever since the number one toy company in the world decided to branch out and make amazing sets based on the characters of DC Comics; they have had great success with it. Yet, the sets aren’t the only weapon in their arsenal, the company has also gone on to add animated features based on everyones’ favorite building blocks to their cache.

DC Superheroes: Justice League vs Bizarro League is the second DC Comics LEGO animated film, following LEGO Batman The Movie DC Super Heroes Unite.LEGO Justice League vs Bizarro League 01 DC is on top of the game when it comes to the more mature animated features, so it is nice to see them branching out for younger audiences. Being a big fan of Teen Titans GO!, getting into this film was relatively easy seeing that the level of humor is about the same. It also doesn’t hurt that the film has an amazing voice cast. This to be expected with anything WB oriented, AKA if Andrea Romano has her hands in it at some point or another. It is nice to see when these DC Comics shows, movies, and games all have the same people coming in and having fun with the characters. From the familiar voices of Troy Baker, Nolan North, and Diedrich Bader, to the amazing Tony Todd who plays one of my favorite DC characters of all time, Darkseid. Speaking of Teen Titans GO!, Khary Payton reprises his role as Cyborg and has you laughing every time he speaks!

LEGO has been doing a great job at introducing more and more characters with each wave of sets, and the latest is the best offering yet! Check out my reviews of them here! The movie brings in some great new faces like Green Arrow, Plastic Man, even Hawkman and that’s on top of the usual Justice League members! The super-villain battle at the beginning of the film shows off some great bad guy characters as well, and makes me yearn for a Deathstroke minifigure! The way that Giganta is treated is amazing and I really hope we get a figure of her that size, maybe making it in scale with their popular alarm clock series. The movie gives LEGO the opportunity to create sets based on all of the Leagues’ doppelgangers. The Batzarro figure included with the Blu-Ray collector’s set is a great start!

The Blu-Ray Collector’s set hooks the buyer up with three versions of the film; Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Copy. LEGO Justice League vs Bizarro League BlurayThese days you can never have enough copies of a good kids film, as they will want to watch it everywhere they go! The Blu-Ray looks amazing and anyone who loves this format will appreciate the HD graphics and beautiful colors. The movie comes packed with great extra features including:

  • LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Batman: Be-Leaguered TV special
  • Me Am Bizzaro! The League of Opposites
  • Be-Leaguered Bloopers

Don’t forget about the EXCLUSIVE Batzarro Minifigure, something like this is usually worth the upcharge!

If you are looking for a superhero adventure that the whole family can enjoy, look no further. LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs Bizarro League is fun and entertaining and would definitely make a great addition to your home library. As a comic book fan it was great to see the inclusion of Guy Gardner as the featured Green Lantern of this story. Of course it just leaves me asking “where’s my Guy minifigure?!”. Troy Baker’s Batman is also pretty amazing is this film, especially when it came to Bat’s suspicions of Superman’s true intentions on earth. Seeing the success of the super-powered team-up, between LEGO and DC Comics, gives me great faith that we will be seeing more amazing sets in the near future. For now, pick up this film, enjoy it with your family, and have a good laugh!

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs Bizarro League is available tomorrow (Tuesday, February 10th) everywhere movies are sold!

LEGO Justice League vs Bizarro League 03

Disclaimer: A copy of DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs Bizarro League was provided by DC Entertainment for this review