Man of Steel will be flying into theaters in just a couple weeks, June 14th to be exact! So let the marketing begin! I hit the mall last week in search of this set, you see Black Zero Escape is the mid-tier set (msrp $19.99) in a release of 3 in the LEGO DC Superheroes series, and since all three sets include Superman and Zod, I chose this one. Mostly because I am a LEGO mini-figure freak and adding Lois Lane to my collection was a must. If you are interested in the other sets the smaller of the two is called Metropolis Showdown. It features both Supes and Zod, with vehicle accessory (msrp $12.99). Battle of  Smallville is the “big” daddy of the series. It features Supes, Zod, Colonel Hardy, and both of Zod’s soldiers, Faora and Tor-An. I don’t really like to call any of these sets “BIG” due to the fact that since acquiring the rights to many of these popular characters (Marvel, LOTR, Lone Ranger), LEGO has skimped back on build but still delivers quality. So I went with the best set to suit my needs.

Lego Man of Steel 1

Lego Man of Steel 2Lego Man of Steel 3

Sometimes you get a little bit worried about LEGO sets dropping spoilers on you, then Iron Man 3 happens. Interesting how that tank battle set with the Mandarin was such an intricate part of the movie. Man of Steel of course has already featured footage in the trailers of scenes that these sets depict. We are looking at the Man of Steel finale being a showdown in Metropolis!?

Lego Man of Steel 4

 Lego Man of Steel 7

We get a great update to the Superman mini-fig! In his Man of Steel duds, it looks as if his costume has more of a mechanical aspect to it. Awesome touch, also with the removal of the red overwear, as I used to call it. It’s definitely not under anything! Zod includes his armor, which looks pretty badass when equipped, but just like Supes, Zod has an alternative face that reveals his heat vision!

Lego Man of Steel 8

The Black Zero Escape set is nothing to write home about, like most sets it acts as a diorama back drop, and can be used to re-create scenes from the movie, the mini-figs steal the show with this one. As usually at this level the set doesn’t impress without the aid of adding a vehicle. Lois Lane is the exclusive fig for the set, we are getting a red-head incarnation this time around. a great bonus to the set, but where is the Daily Planet set with Jimmy Olsen and Perry White!? Probably when that one hits it’ll be around the $80-100 price point! Somewhat similar to the Spider-Man Daily Bugle one, yet hopefully larger!

Lego Man of Steel 16 Lego Man of Steel 17 Lego Man of Steel 10 Lego Man of Steel 11 Lego Man of Steel 9

If you are compulsive like me and HAVE TO own at least one of these releases, then you will most likely be happy with this set. LEGO DC Superheroes Superman: Black Zero Escape gets 4 outta 5 stars. LEGO has been putting out some real quality products lately and it can only get better as Marvel Studio’s Phase 2 continues (can you imagine the Thor sets that are coming!) and the progression of the DC Comics cinematic universe (we pray!). I skipped the Iron Man 3 sets as nothing was too spectacular on that end. I would have liked a Mandarin figure if things would have gone differently. Yet Man of Steel still remains my choice for top superhero movie of the year, and I am soooo excited to see it! Of course that would change if LEGO made Kick-Ass sets, what a concept!

Lego Man of Steel 12 Lego Man of Steel 14 Lego Man of Steel 15 Lego Man of Steel 13

Kneel before Zod!


kneel before zod Lego man of steel