I love LEGOs and I love Batman. One of my favorite Batman related merch, besides LEGOS, is Arkam Asylum the video game, the reason why I bought my PS3. When LEGO rebooted their more than successful Batman line, they revamped it with an additional title of DC Superheroes. If you are not familiar with the original line, take a look on Ebay if you get a chance, those sets are both rare and valuable. This time around LEGO has not only re-released some classic sets, but they have actually improved on the product by updating mini-figures, adding other DC characters to the stable, and the sets themselves. This Arkham Asylum set is the best example of that and worth the investment. It is the largest DC Superheroes set to date, coming in at 1,619 pieces, and a fun build all the way through. AA is worth the $160 you have to shell out for it, but you can only get it at your local LEGO store or at LEGO.com, this is the best price you will get brand-spanking new. Took me awhile to pick this one up, but it was a must have for my collection, kinda like the LOTR Tower of Orthanc.


The highlights here include Arkham City attire Robin, which is a nice change-up to his previous figure and a nice compliment to the Mr. Freeze update in another set. Nice to get two more rogues for the collection with Scarecrow and Penguin, and then there’s the highlight of the set both Joker and Harley Quinn in their exclusive garb! Harley dressed in her doctor uniform, I like how her jacket is bent back just a little to reveal her costume underneath! Then there’s the Joker in prison suit a new variant. A great figure that looks awesome when he’s strapped into his restraints. One problem I have is the Batman black suit re-issue. It’s a tired figure and for a set of this caliber could have at least given us an exclusive suit based off the game. That’s why for this shoot, I used my blue and grey Bats! Disclaimer: Mr. Freeze is not included in this set, but since they included his own tower ice cell, I had to put the figure in to my shoot. You can find Freeze in the Aquaman on Ice set, check out our review here! A lot of activity going on in this set so let’s get to the pics!

This set is huge, look at the Mini-fig comparison! A lot of baggies with it as well, but the set is well divided so just have  three bowls ready when undertaking. Arkham is a fun set to build and is well paced through the 2-3 hour experience, so give yourself the afternoon. The attention to detail on the entire set is amazing and they did an excellent job on the Arkham transport truck and the prison restraints for the  Joker, you can re-enact that opening scene from the game!

Arkham 06

Arkham 12

Arkham City Robin is an interesting bonus for this set, the tone of this figure is much more serious than his early incarnation. I kind of wish that they would have thrown us Nightwing, a figure that was part of the original Arkham set. Though I like it, I find the fact that they crossed into the video game a little bit odd, especially when its a mix of all the figures. Oh well I can ignore these minor details due to this set being amazing. But come on LEGO throw us a bone here, where’s Nightwing!

Arkham 31

Arkham 30

Great attention to detail here with Harley’s alter-ego Dr. Harleen Quinzel! The secret, rotating, changing room is a great addition to the set!

Arkham 10

Arkham 09

If you only starting collecting as of  the new series you will be happy to know that this set hooks you up with two more additions to Batman’s rogues gallery! The Penguin is a great figure that makes good use of the short legs that the LOTR and Hobbit sets to full advantage of when it came to hobbits and dwarves! Though everybody wants to keep using the classic look for the Penguin and we haven’t got a main stream release of the grimy version from Arkham City! What do you think of this fan-made design by Logan Fulford?!


Arkham 16

Arkham 19

Arkham 20

Next up we have the Scarecrow who is another additional rogue to the current collection. You can even have him take over the lab when the villains run wild! Check out the cool cell block with working doors and more!

Arkham 21

Arkham 22

Arkham 23

Arkham 24

Poison Ivy is in this set, she is a re-hash for current collectors, she first showed up in The Batcave set. I kind of wish that they would have thrown in someone new compared to her, and treated her like Mr. Freeze, but I’m sure LEGO didn’t want to look like they were making you buy various sets. Ivy here has her own section of the set, and her escape is the most dramatic scene in this one!

Arkham 27

Arkham 28

The tower is a great bonus, and unless you have a Mr. Freeze mini-fig, this one may not feel totally complete. The neat thing about this feature is the effect of the “ice crystals” reflecting.

Arkham 29

LEGO Arkham Asylum Breakout gets an easy 5 outta 5 stars. This is the largest and most elaborate Batman/DC LEGO set that has been offered so far. And at its size and price-point, I really wonder what else they would release. Then again I would be happy with this:


Hey Cuusoo builders, try the Legion of Doom headquarters on for size! Or maybe the Daily Planet? All you have to do is switch out some things from the Marvel Daily Bugle set and you’re all set!


Stay tooned 😛



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