Last month, the latest X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, hit the theaters and it was amazing! The merchandising tie-in’s, not so much. There have been a ton of articles floating around the internets talking about how Marvel is not supporting the films that aren’t under the Marvel Studios flagship, and this is very apparent when you look at what happened with this latest mutant film. The set I will be taking a look at today could be considered “related” to what happened in the film, but it’s really not. It’s actually a little more amazing than that, and I appreciate what it includes. X-Men vs The Sentinel was released with three sets that directly tie into the upcoming blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy (due out in August), so you can really see which movies Marvel is pushing more. Though we didn’t see any Captain America 2 sets, hmmm. Anywho, this set is not to be missed! Let’s find out why!

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LEGO X-Men vs The Sentinel will run you 50 bucks and comes with 336 pieces which include 4 amazing minifigures, the X-Men Blackbird, and a Sentinel, which you actually construct! What I really appreciate here is the fact that the minifigures that come with this set are all original. With the last X-Men LEGO set, Wolverine Chopper Showdown, we also received a Wolverine and Magneto, but this time around we get two new versions of the classic characters.

The Wolverine in this set comes in his brown duds and also a mask! I really like the fact that you can choose between having Logan wear it or not, and when he’s not there is a hair piece to put on his head! The same goes for Magneto, I think that his costume is based on the movie look more than the comic one we got the first time around. Magneto also comes with the option to wear his helmet or not.

Both Storm and Cyclops are new figures and they are awesome! They are both depicted in their classic costumes, which I am actually really surprised about. I really like the detail on Storm’s cape, as it would have been easier to just give her the standard, but LEGO took it one step more! The Sentinel is not the same as the video game’s more classic look, but seems to be based more on the movie version. I like it and I am looking forward to seeing how Groot looks, as LEGO has used the same build for him.

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This is a really fun set to put together and it is a very easy build. It took me probably close to an hour to put it all together and that includes the time it took to take some pics. The Sentinel is interesting, and very poseable. Even its fingers have articulation, which “help” to hold the mutants it captures. The height is good on it as well, the typical minifigure only comes up to the Sentinel’s “knee” area, so scale is good here. The Blackbird is amazing and for some reason was kind of a second thought in this set for me. I guess I was just really excited to get my hands on all of these new minifigures and the Sentinel itself.

The Blackbird actually seats up to four of your favorite X-Men, we still need some more minifigures to pull this off, unless you bring in an Avenger or team up with Magneto. This is the first set in which I’ve seen a spring-loaded missile launcher, something that seems a little dangerous for the age group the set is directed towards. I am wondering if it will actually be recalled once some tyke shoots his eye out. Maybe I should pick up a second one for collector value….

The Blackbird is one of my favorite vehicles from the comics and now from the LEGO sets. It is nice to see actual vehicles that appear in the comics instead of rehashes of random helicopters and dragsters. These are the kind of sets that are worth the money to me. Just be careful when constructing the plane, due to the bottom being “curved” it can roll around during building and can slip if you aren’t careful.

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Once completed the X-Men are ready to take on the Sentinel! Who will win?! Who’s side is Magneto on?! You decide!! I added a piece that could emulate Cyclops optic blast, it is not included in the set.

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This has been one of my favorite LEGO sets to date to put together. For a set that included only 300 pieces and cost me $50, I was ready to be a little more upset but I’m not. I give LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: X-Men vs The Sentinel 5 outta 5 Stars. If you are a collector of Marvel LEGOS, the X-Men’s Blackbird is not to be missed! The Sentinel is great but it makes me want more so I can create some great dioramas! It looks like I may have to use some good ‘ol camera tricks to achieve this! What really makes this set though is the choice of minifigures. This is one of the main reasons people collect these and a vehicle that actually comes from the comics is more of an added bonus! I love the fact that LEGO has released new versions of Wolverine and Magneto for this set, I think that the company has done a good job cutting back on doubles.

I am really excited to put together the Guardians of the Galaxy ones so keep it tooned here to DFAT all month-long as I review the two larger sets from the series and the LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes- X-Men vs. The Sentinel: A+