LEGO has released official pics for their upcoming sets based on the Marvel Super Heroes properties. This time around we are getting some sets that will tie into this summer’s Marvel Studios sci-fi blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy. Also in the series we get a brand new X-Men set which looks to be more comic book based but is definitely related to this years Days of Future Past. I think it’s pretty awesome to see that LEGO is making actual “builds” for both Groot and the Sentinel. Check out the full series below!

Starblaster Showdown (#76019)
LEGO Marvel 2014 01 Knowhere Escape Mission (#76020)LEGO Marvel 2014 02 The Milano Spaceship Rescue (#76021)LEGO Marvel 2014 03 X-Men Vs The Sentinel (#76022)

LEGO Marvel 2014 04What do you think Towelites?! I am really excited to add more X-Men to my collection and I am also relieved that it isn’t necessary to buy all three GOTG sets to get the team. I will probably skip out on the Starblaster Showdown, at least at first! Look for these sets to hit shelves this summer!