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Once the flagship of DC Superheroes took off in the form of LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes and the sets that followed, it was only a matter of time before Marvel followed suit. The original release was mostly Avengers orientated, with the exception of two sets. One was an X-Men set featuring Wolverine, Magneto, and Deadpool. The other was set based on the great animated series Ultimate Spider-Man. Yet this set was never released, and now I understand why. LEGO has just released three sets based on Spider and his friends and they include: Spider-Cycle Chase, Doc Ock Ambush, and Daily Bugle Showdown! Fan or not of the show, do not miss out on your chance to add these heroes  and villains to your collection, you can always pretend that it’s regular Spider-Man continuity! Today we will be taking a look at Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase!

This is the kind of LEGO set that, I believe, comes with exactly what it should at this price level of $20. I was pleasantly surprised by the price that the Daily Bugle was priced at for a larger set like that and I may consider picking it up to grab that Doctor Doom minifig! Anywho, this set comes with 237 pieces to make up 3 minifigs: Spidey, Venom (w/ symbiote spores), and Nick Fury, along with 2 vehicles: Spidey-Cycle, and the AMAZING S.H.I.E.L.D flying coupe! This set follows suit with the more complicated sets by numbering the plastic bags each of the pieces come in. I find this makes things easier to assemble, especially with young children. For some reason I noticed that the Batman: Aquaman on Ice set did not number the bags, which was strange to me.

LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 01 LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 02LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 03

Why do we buy LEGOS, yes mostly because you can build amazing vehicles and buildings BUT ever since LEGO started making well known franchises into sets, the minifigs have been all the rage! This set gives you two brand new never before seen minifigs, Venom and Nick Fury! Nick Fury was a must for me and the fact he came with the flying coupe only sealed the deal! Getting him helps me to complete my Avengers team, now all I need is an Agent Coulson and the HELICARRIER!!! Come on LEGO you know you want to make this one. Put it at the same price point as Arkham Asylum, make it EPIC and call it a day!! Spidey is of course a nice addition to my hero set, you can even have him join the Avengers! Well at least for the next few months…..Finally Venom, what a great figure. One of my favorite Spider-Villains of all time and a great addition to my Marvel baddies’ line-up.

LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 06LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 04 LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 05

The vehicles in the Marvel Superheroes line are top-notch but the addition of the flying coupe is awesome. One of the most recognizable S.H.I.E.L.D. transports, the flying coupe has not been introduced into the movie-verse as of yet but I’m sure we are not too far from it! It fits in great with the Quin-Jet, S.H.I.E.L.D. Truck, and Hawkeye‘s jet. Did I mention it can transform into a flying car? So cool!

LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 07 LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 08

Spider-Man is here to save the day!!

LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 09

LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 10

LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 11 LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 12

Another villain locked-up in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and our heroes triumphant! I give Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase a 3 outta 3 stars! A great set and some great additions to the LEGO Marvel Superheroes series. A great set for both children and adults, you can find this set at your local retail store or at! I am looking forward to this years Iron Man 3 sets, look for those to hit sometime this spring!

Stay tooned 😛


Photos courtesy of: Figures in Action Photography

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