Uh…there’s a LEGO movie being made called Piece of Resistance and it will star the voice talents of Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Channing Tatum, and Will Arnett and other lesser known people.. Not only that, but this is the very same Batman/Superman LEGO movie we heard about a month ago. The one that is going to the big screen, what up Justice League? I like that this tale will not feature the duo as “main characters”, but have them there to provide supportive roles. A “Fellowship” role if I may. Maybe some Hobbits or some other Middle-Earthians will make an appearance or two? Fingers crossed. The story follows Emmet, an unlikely hero who, after being confused for being the ‘MasterBuilder,’ is caught up on a quest to prevent the universe from being glued together. LEGO: The Piece of Resistance releases on February 28th, 2014, directed and written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

Thanks to Brick Ultra for the heads up!

Stay tooned 😛