The EPIC LEGO set based on The Simpsons House is already available over at the LEGO Shop, but what about the rest of the Simpsons-verse?! Well don’t worry because LEGO has you covered! Available this May we will see the latest in the blind-bagged LEGO Minifigure series, this one being The Simpsons specific! Check out the gallery below for all 16 figures that will be coming to a store near you!

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But what really caught my eye this week, was this:

Star Wars LEGO Darth Revan

Just tell me when and where, and how much I need to spend at to make Darth Revan mine! The classic character from the hit RPG series, Knights of the Old Republic will be getting the Minifig treatment! I am not a big collector of Star Wars LEGOS, don’t get me wrong, I have some of the sets but I had to exercise some control when it came to my collecting! Or else I would be out on the street already!

It is rumored that this will be revealed for this year’s famous Star Wars day, May the 4th. Keep it tooned here to DFAT for more news on the figure. I am betting that we will see it as a promotion like the one they just did with Martian Manhunter (free with orders of $75 or more). We have seen previous sets released in the series based on The Old Republic, so maybe we will see some more love towards the video game world of things. Darth Malak anyone?! If you haven’t had the pleasure of play KOTOR or its sequel, then get on it, the original is available for iOS, FYI.