I love LEGO video games and I have been playing them for a long time now, long enough to see the evolution of them. The original Star Wars games came out quite awhile ago and I believe got an update when the 6 films got a collection. When The Force Awakens came out they made an entire game for that movie but when The Last Jedi hit there was nothing. I thought that was a little weird but at the same time I didn’t like that they made an entire game out of one movie, by now with collections like Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and even the original Star Wars are what we expect. WB Games has released the announcement trailer for the LEGO Star Wars ‘The Skywalker Saga’ which will collect all nine movies into one game and it looks like a lot of fun as usual! I have had mine on pre-order for awhile now and I am eagerly anticipating that release date. For now we can expect it in 2020 and I’m sure it will be first quarter. For now enjoy the trailer and get out there and see Rise of Skywalker in theaters now!