You are Rock Gunar and you are humanity’s last hope! Straight from the minds of Tuatara Games and Versus Evil comes the alien shooter that you never knew you needed in your life, Let Them Come. I recently had the chance to take this game for a spin on the PS4 and it is pretty addictive and an all-around fun time!

Taking the classic shooter and mashing it up with RPG elements, Let Them Come has a great growth system that makes for even more fun gameplay. With each kill you score, you make money and with that money you unlock new skills, ammo and more. The game progresses via waves of baddies and each one consists of a new alien monster with DIFFERENT abilities. Don’t fret, even if they get past your shots you can bludgeon them with one of an assortment of melee weapons available for purchase OR you can level the battleground with one of the many grenades! The battles progress rapidly and trust me, they get downright dirty. You have to use all of your hard-earned assets properly to survive. Of course there are bosses, I still haven’t made it past the first one! There is also a boss mode, I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out as I believe that you have to defeat the ones from the stage battles. Lastly you are able to customize your own alien-killing soundtrack by collecting different mix tapes along the way. With all these different options there are plenty of reasons to boot up Let Them Come on a daily basis, especially to try and top your best score!

In what could have been another run-of-the-mill shooter, Let Them Come delivers a solid gameplay experience that makes you come back for more. Let Them Come is currently available for PC , X1 & Mac; PS4 and mobile will be available soon. Head on over to the official website for more info!