Alien Day has come and gone, but hopefully we will get something similar every year from here on out. I know that I would for sure sit through another marathon of the two best films in the quadrilogy, Alien and Aliens on the big screen. That was a great experience, especially Alien. It was also nice to see Randy Falk there not only showing off the NECA goods to the fans, but enjoying the double feature as a fan himself. Leave it to NECA to do things right AND that is exactly how they rolled on Alien Day and in the wake of this new Geekly holiday. It’s basically been Alien Week with them!Alien Day SliderApril 26th started VERY early (or late) for me as midnight struck. Alien Anthology’s awesome all-day trivia event on Twitter began right at 12am and I was there answering questions. I also had high hopes that the exclusive Kenner Ripley figure would go up on the TRU website, but no luck. I woke up at 3am and ordered mine. Dedication. Now if you aren’t familiar with the original figure by Kenner, here it is:

It was an action figure line that I loved and thank the gods that NECA decided to open up the floodgates when they started producing their Kenner throwback Predators. Ripley is the first figure in the Aliens line to pay tribute to these classic toys and I hope that she isn’t the last. Take a look at this amazing figure!

neca kenner ripley

I can’t wait to get mine out of the package once it arrives! But Alien Day didn’t stop there for NECA. We knew that both Newt and Vasquez were on the way and it was awesome getting the announcements and teasers of each figure as the day rolled on. The first reveal came from Newt herself, Carrie Henn.

Newt will be the SDCC exclusive for this year’s show, and will also be available outside of attending it according to NECA. I have had luck getting the exclusives at NYCC but who knows with the madhouse it’s become. Hopefully there’s some kind of online option, fingers crossed. Nonetheless it makes it a challenge hunting down the tougher figures to find. The Pursuit of Plastic my friends!

Next up, RIGHT before I left for the Alien Double Feature at Alamo Drafthouse, Randy tweeted out our first look at the Vasquez figure. We also learned that she would be a part of Aliens series 9, which would also include another Colonial Marine!

Here’s a collage of the Vasquez reveals that I put together. I can’t wait for this action figure to join my NECA Aliens shelf.
NECA Aliens Vasquez

But then we got a full look at the figure, and it is amazing!

NECA Vasquez full

There was much speculation of course once the fans got word of another Marine joining series 9. Originally we were told that we would have to wait until today for the reveal but actor Ricco Ross who plays Frost took to Twitter yesterday with the big spoiler!


So there you have it. Some great reveals and some awesome upcoming Aliens action figures to add to your collection. Keep it tooned to DFAT for updates on the amazing Aliens series from NECA, along with the Predators as well. One can’t exist in my collection without the other! NECA has MANY Geekly licenses so head on over to their official website ( to see what they have to offer. There’s something for everyone!

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