Liam Neeson is in negotiations to return as Bryan Mills, in Taken 3. Though, Taken 2 was met with really negative reviews, the film cost almost nothing to make; and it brought in around $375mil worldwide. With that kind of drawing power, it’s no doubt that Hollywood wants to keep the series going. If Neeson returns, he’s looking at a $20mil paycheck.


No director is attached, though Olivier Megaton will likely return, as he directed the previous film. Luc Besson and Robert mark Kamen are already writing up the sequel. I’m sure that the producers will lock in Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace to return as well. I’m all for it. I thought Taken 2 was pretty good, and though that $20mil paycheck is pretty high; I’d still pay to see Neeson kick some ass. As more Taken 3 news comes in, stay tuned to DFAT to read it first!