Over here at DFAT, we’re big fans of adventure game-books. It hearkens back to the time of a ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure’ novel, where the reader was in control of the books destiny. Now, Liber Primus Games will be entering the foray with their series based on the bestselling book trilogy by Richard Morgan. A Land Fit For Heroes is now available on Steam and you can learn more about it below!

 Liber Primus Games and Gollancz Announce A Land Fit For Heroes Fantasy Adventure Game-Book Now Available on Windows PC for Steam

Adventure game-book series based on bestselling book trilogy by Richard Morgan now available on Steam

unnamedIndie Developer Liber Primus Games, developer of the Narborion Saga, in collaboration with Gollancz, an imprint of the Orion Publishing Group, are pleased to announce that their handheld fantasy adventure app, based on the bestselling Richard Morgan trilogy of books A Land Fit For Heroes is now available on Windows PC for Steam. A Land Fit For Heroes is now available on Windows PC for Steam.

The game features a host of updates and optimized content for the Windows PC version, including improved combat and a completely revamped combat UI system for both single player and multiplayer modes. Also included is the ability for certain characters to dungeon crawl, pick locks and find loot with the aid of new mini games. ‘Reading music’ and ‘combat music’ variations have also been included based on community feedback.

The game-book app, A Land Fit For Heroes, launched on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iTouch as well as Amazon Kindle Fire and Android on Google Play last year. Produced in collaboration with Richard Morgan, the story runs parallel to that of the first volume in his book trilogy, The Steel Remains. Morgan’s dark and violent fantasy series of books is published by Gollancz.

Morgan’s previous stints in video games include writing duties on Crysis 2 for Crytek and the 2012 Sci-fi update of Syndicate for Electronic Arts.

“Bringing A Land Fit For Heroes to Steam has been worth the wait. The optimized PC format has allowed us to create a bespoke PC playing experience and introduce new features based on community feedback from the mobile app version,” said Executive Producer Denes Csiszar.

To discover more about the game-book project for A Land Fit For Heroes and Richard Morgan’s books, fans can register at the game’s website found here: http://landfitforheroes.com/

About A Land Fit For Heroes
Based on Richard Morgan’s trilogy of dark fantasy novels, A Land Fit For Heroes is the new interactive game-book experience that tells the story of three unlikely heroes with three interlocking storylines. Kirellin of House Caith is a skilled war veteran, Calnar is a young Majak warrior and Ilaria is an accomplished thief. Each of their paths will cross in this adventure where they are tested to the extreme – and where the reader decides upon their fates.

Children go missing in the marshes. Ancient spirits awaken. Powerful machine-demons manipulate the fate of mankind. But all of this is just a game for even darker forces. In the first of its kind, bestselling author Richard Morgan brings his trilogy of novels to life as a three-player game-book set in the world of A Land Fit For Heroes.

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